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There are MANY places to gain information on the internet on ANYTHING you might want to find! None more inaccurate than opinion based articles created to gain information to pass to other people.

There isn't always malicious intent in these articles. Many times, young adults are looking at doing school assignments and find dogs (in this case) an easy subject, and they reach out to us and ask questions about our dogs. With that information though, typically, teachers (and often companies people write for) are looking for many references. The problem with this? When a breed of dog (or any animal) is done by a single person for over 35 years, there is only one person to go to with the data they need.

This leads us, the breeder of the American Alsatian Dire Wolf to have MANY articles (as every other breed has) that hold inaccuracies. We also find that pages such as Wikipedia want us to also have additional sources about our breed to show that we are unbiased. The problem is again... that Lois Schwarz is the ONLY person that knows everything about the breed, because she is the sole creator and breeder of this dog.

So, to pool all of the articles together on one page, and to share links one may not find on their own, I am adding a page here! More reading you ask? Why not! If you don't do research and due diligence, do you really know what you're getting when there is only one person with the answers?

As I have told MANY people!!! Take these articles with a grain of salt! (Our dogs do not need 60 to 90 minutes of exercise a day btw)! Just one of the MANY inaccuracies of the energy level of our dogs, along with the idea that our dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

Links of AA Web Articles:

American Alsatian Canis lupus (This one I find interesting... It is written by a former breeder of the AA, and it is amazingly inaccurate.)

American Alsatian - This article has a few things right, such as the height/weight, but bloat we have not had in the breed, and our hip dysplasia is minimal at best and hasn't been seeing in YEARS.

I also like that they state that similar maintenance breeds are the King Shepherd and the Landseer! Not quite, but nice to know what they think!

American Alsatian Breed Guide: Is This The Ultimate Wolf Dog? This one is pretty good!!! Aside from the photos NOT being our dogs, the attention to detail and depth/insight is nice! Now, if they could just find our 1 of 2 sites and get a photo... that would be great!

Probably the worst bit of information though... separation anxiety? Wow... someone didn't ask the breeder about this. The writer makes quite the leap from, "... quickly become attached to their (writer doesn't finish this sentence)...", to "they struggle with being left alone."

This couldn't be further from the truth, but yet again, a LOT of great information in this one, but you will always find something that is a bit in left field, and as ALWAYS in every article I have found so far, they speak of health problems we just don't have... or that we have very few of throughout the last 35 years of breeding.

I will also add, that if you know the breed founder, "Puppy parties" as the writer talks about as being a great way to socialize, would be a no no from the breeders perspective.

Why? From the breeders own words June 24, 2018, " My puppies are NOT like the everyday puppies you come into contact with. They are not 'friendly' like normal puppies. They do not run around and get into stuff, grab things and run some more, then jump up on you, bark and chew your shoe laces. They are WAY NOT THAT HYPER..
They are not afraid, but they don't care for new stuff in their life at this time especially if it is very loud, energetic, noisy and fast or very big. This upsets the 'nature' of their lives. They are calm dogs. They don't mind it if you carry them into the new stuff as they are 'safe' in your arms. My puppies do NOT like other dogs in their face! They also do not want to go to the dog park at this age and may never want to go. Right now they are puppies and puppies are NOT social creatures to outside the pack animals. Puppies rely on momma wolf and the pack of wolves to eat other predators until young pups can defend themselves."

As there are MANY articles written about our breed, I will not break down any more, but link them for your to peruse at your leisure if you so choose!

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