Waiting List

Waiting is hard to do...

Please note: If you have applied for a puppy at the Dire Wolf Project website, we do NOT receive ANY information about your application even though it states that if you choose this option, your wishing them to share your application with us at Schwarz Dogs, it is not shared with us.

If you wish to be on our list (I help Lois with Schwarz Dogs and Schwarz Kennels and my dogs are her dogs), please contact us directly.

We DO NOT EVER receive your deposit from the Dire Wolf Project or Dire Wolf Dogs... BUT WE WILL honor your request to be on our list for one of our dogs.

The date you let us know you have placed a deposit with Dire Wolf Project will be verified on the Dire Wolf Dogs website and you will then be given the date on our list, of the date you notified us.

I apologize, but I cannot place you on our list with your deposit date from her list, as I was not and am not notified of her business practices. Along with this, it is not fair to let others on their list, jump ahead of those on our list that are waiting for a dog.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please let us know.

The Waiting List
Scroll Down to find the waiting list:
(Please email me if your name is not up here and you have made your deposit)

You have a choice of any litter.
You MUST make your choice when the pup turns six weeks old and you are up on the list; no exceptions.
You can let me know at any time BEFORE that, if you are "interested" in a pup or litter.
It is YOUR responsibility to contact me and YOUR responsibility to know your pick date.


This is the infamous mystery "LIST" of folks waiting for a pup.
It is YOUR responsibility to contact me before the litter of your interest is 6 weeks old!
If your name is in BOLD, you must contact me!!! OR BE PASSED UP.


Please let me know if you want to be REMOVED

Dondi Ratliff (whenever you are ready)
Anna Wannamaker (Replacement Pup)
Eric & Carolyn Harbort (Replacement Pup)
03-19-2018 Layla Bush
Matt and Kayli Scanlon 5/25/2022

MESSAGE AMEY WHEN YOU ARE READY @ schwarzdogs@aol.com or 541-538-8224


7-1-2008 Missy Piegaro and Sean $100


Tiffany Milroy Jimerson (300.00)


8-20-2015 RobSkoog Emily Kane (albaqNMexico)
8-22-2015 Zack
9-7-2015 Lauren and Nick-Paul Dubae
10-25-2015 Kelly B.McMahan (waiting until next year)
12-04-2015 JenWood
12-20-2015 AvalonHernandez (300)
AUSSIE BOY IS BACK 2015 (cant figure out how to get a dog into Australia)


3-1-2016 Jessica Allen (300.00) waiting for a move
3-16-2016 Nikii Beckett (600) Female dire wolf waiting
4-28-2016 M&M Beaulieu (600) Bought a GSD 6-6-2016
5-31-2016 Carolina Wilson (600)
5-31-2016 EduardoRabagoMexico (600) xlarge ok
6-4-2016 chyRainlight'snith (600) Male intimidating large dog 1st dog
6-4-2016 Rachel Evans Alcock (600) Canada has young child
6-9-2016 Kate Serdy waiting on side
6-10-2016 Schyler Cox (300) WAITING ON SIDE
8-13-2016 Kiana Harris (600) has white gsd
10-16-2016 D&J BRAIK (600)


2-29-2017 Daughter Puleo (600.00)
4-19-2017 Stuart Parker (600) ptsd therapy pup
5-1-2017 Pejutah Winyan (600.00)
06-17-2017 Stephanie Chan (600.00) (Jens)
08-07-2017 Pettra Broen (600)
08-22-2017 Dawn Offutt/Lee (600)
12-27-2017 Alberto Jaramillo (600) (Jen)


05-03-2018 Malinda Bassett yogi ball (Jen)
07/01/2018 Miriam Malice Check (#?)
08-16-2018 Goldman (600)
08-22-2017 Godfather 8-22-17 (600)
10-17-2018 Jolene Ziegler (600) (Jen) Mastiff
11-03-2018 Shannon K 11-3-2018 (600) (Jen)


1-14-2019 Karen Kennett Johnson (600.00)
8-8-2019 Tricia Nevin (600) waiting on side
5-2-2019 Stacey Strock Bronsky (600.00) Jen
08-02-2019 Shona Trussel (600) (waiting on the side)
09-09-2019 Logon Taylor (600) black/silver large
10-10-2019 Benjamin S (Jen) 600.00
10-23-2019 Michelle Gardne (600)
11-15-2019 Brett Gallcowski (600)
12-21-2019 Linda/Grant Forster (600)


1-1-2020 John Lopez Priestly (600)
1-9-2020 Molly Statczar's (600.00)
1-15-2020 Katie Wright (600.00) on the side
1-15-2020 Sarah Prater Johnson
4-18-2020 Brook Coopman(600)
5-16-2020 Julia/Patrick M (600.00 Jen)
6-2-2020 John O (600 Jen's List)
6-5-2020 Dan Caraballo (PayPal) 600
7-8-2020 Tracy Little (600) waiting
7-10-2020 Kaitlyn and Rozz Myall (600) waiting on the side
7-22-2020 Anthony P (600)
8-15-2020 Austin Sprague 600.00 (Shawna's waiting list)
8-17-2020 George Llewellyn Emily Janice Helen Bilotti (600.00) Hiking and walking dog - Chibi-
10-15-2020 Abby Flutty 600.00 messenger
10-20-2020 Tina Fort 600.00 cash fox project?
11-2-2020 Jonathan Butterfield (582.30) PayPal
11-18-2020 Michael Phillips (600) (waiting) Ambassador pup
11-27-2020 Nicole Tangen (581.99) PayPal
11-29-2020 John Monkres (600) PayPal
12-11-2020 Brian Fields (600) PayPal (Merida, Waiting)
12-25-2020 Michael Kurtz and Jacklynn Taylor (582.30) PayPal


1-5-2021 Coleen Nillson (600) PayPal Mobility Support Dog -Trained older dog for mom-
1-26-2021 Dorothea Evan's (582.30) PayPal
1-29-21 Maura Fry (Connor) (600.00) PayPal
2-8-2021 Colter Cederlof (600) PayPal (Waiting on the side)
2-24-21 Roberto Venegas (600)
3-13-2021 Kendall and Bek Waid (Jen's List)
10-01-2021 Stephen K (600) Jen List
10-4-2021 Cary Altlas (600)
10-16-2021 Mandy Erasmus 600.00
11-6-2021 Susan Schaberg (Jen's List)
11-30-2021 Stephen Councilman (600) PayPal
12-7-2021 Michelle Rafferty (600) PayPal
12-11-2021 Evan Siegrist (600) Paypal
12-30-2021 Shayla Mccaul (Jones) (600)


1/18/2022 Rick Anderson (600 Check) Silver Sable
1/22/2022 Breanne Funk 582.17 PayPal
2/2/2022 Mindy Burford 600.00 FB Pay
2/19/2022 Kevin and Wendy Perera 600 PayPal
2/22/2022 Ben and Josie Sheehan 582.17 PayPal
4-2-2022 Tyler Bryant (600) PayPal
4-17-2022 John & Lauren Rammel PayPal 600
5-21-2022 Sarah Hixson (PayPal) 600 (Dark, Yellow Eyes, Female Tiki/Napkin)
6-5-2022 Angela Haar PayPal 582.17 (Darker coat, yellow eyes with ring around the eyes. Tiki/Napkin/Noodle)
7/5/2022 Michael/Angie J (Jens List Deposit Date 01/29/2018)
9/12/2022 Michael T (PayPal)

If your name is in BOLD, contact me @ schwarzdogs@aol.com or call me at 541-538-8224 - Please let me know if you want to be REMOVED