Breed Information

Breed Information covering health, testing and more...

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Standards of the Breed

What your companion American Alsatian Dire Wolf's look, temperament, size and personality be like. Otherwise, the AA Standards of the breed.

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Dog Food
Feeding - Your First Month and Beyond

Red Flannel Large Breed Puppy Lamb and Rice, Diamond Exclusive Puppy Lamb, Purina One True Instincts and Rice and Exclusive Large Breed Puppy

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Puppy or Adult Transportation

It is your responsibility (as with any pick up of a pet) to ensure you have a way to get your pet to you!!!

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Buying a Companion Dog

The companion dog is simply put, the puppies NOT chosen to breed. This does NOT mean they don't fit the standards of the breed. Just that they don't fit what we need to breed for the next generation.

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Temperament Testing - FOR BREEDERS ONLY

This testing does NOT determine what your pup will be like, but rather a test to tell us if they have what WE NEED to further the breed!

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Health Page Database

The American Alsatian Data Base is a collection of data given to us from our customers, their veterinarians, and or by my collection to individual owners of the past to ensure we have the most up to date, accurate data available.

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Outcross Breeds and Why We Chose Them

These are the breeds we have used to create the American Alsatian Dire Wolf today. They were/are chosen for their unique hair, bone thickness, size etc. Any defects in the breeds chosen are bred out via genetic and selective outcrossing.

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Articles You May Run Across on Our Breed

Debunking the articles and myths pertaining to the American Alsatian Dire Wolf

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Buying a Breeding Dog

Breed quality doesn't mean you will breed this dog, what it means is that it fits the EXACT standards we choose for our "keepers" to further the line.

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German Shephard or Alsatian

What are the differences in the GS and the American Alsatian? Do your research and be sure to get what you and your family need!

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