Outcross Breeds

Why Outcross?

Out-Cross Pup 1

When one outcrosses into another breed it is to bring in high bred vigor and health. When we continue using our own breeds gene pool, genetic problems begin to solidify. Outcrossing mixes things up and sends recessive health issues back down into the murk of the gene pool

I believe that all living entities have deformities and health issues that lay dormant or that are hidden in the murk of the gene pool in all of us. It is only when we continue to breed within close relations that issues double, triple and quadruple as they rise to the surface to be seen by the human eye or to be a great pain inside the entity and his/her life until the peacefulness of death over takes it.

Out-cross Photos 2
Willie and Waylon, "LabMute" Outcross pups. Photo credit to Erin M.

What does inbreeding do? If there are issues, problems or pain in a certain line of living entity's, breeding close, on purpose will make offspring that will have issues/problems. Within these offspring will come one or two entities that will NOT have the problem. It is this entity that must be used to go forward with as it is this entity that is void of the genetic deformity make up, for if it were not, it too would have the deformity.

This tight inbreeding brings forth entities with health issues , yes..... it does. This is the sad thing about breeding like this. :>( But with all the pain and suffering there is a golden lining and that is the entity that is FREE of the deformity.

Is it worth it? Why not just outcross and stop inbreeding? If you marry within your own race, culture and or class of people, you have just inbred. The human race is producing more and more deformed human beings at a very high rate. When will we be wise enough to stop the suffering? I believe it can be done. I believe it should be done. How can it be done? Through education and knowledge.


We outcross into other breeds to keep our stock healthy and long in life.  Below are some of the Breeds we have used or  are considering to use.   I do not like to use a pure bred dog, but would rather use an F-1 cross of two different pure breds. Click on the pure bred dog that you would like to read up on to see why I would choose that particular breed of dog to outcross with.

The Giant Alaskan Malamute - Introduced in 2012
Out-Cross 3
Rainier Giant Malamute

Malamutes, of the 2 foundation breeds used (in 1987) to create the American Alsatian, have a great laid back personality and large bone structure making it a great breed to  mix in to to dilute other breeds before introducing them to the American Alsatian line. Learn More about the Alaskan Malamute.

The Giant Malamute was re-introduced in 2012 to increase yet again, larger bone mass and density as well as height.

The Irish Wolfhound - First Introduced in 2013
Irish Wolfhound
The Akita - Introduced in the 90's
The Labrador - First Introduced in 2012
The English Mastiff - First Introduced in 1994 - Her name was Willow
The German Shepherd - First Introduced in 1987
Swanny 1987
Swanny - Bred with the Malamute Buddy for the first litter in 1987.

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