Puppy Pricing

Puppy prices vary depending on how many pups we have and what generation and if they do not fit the standards or what I am looking for, then the price will go down.  I keep the best for re-breeding so each generation is better and closer to what we all desire in our companion dogs. If I have 3 or 4 litters, the price will drop about 1 thousand dollars.  If I have no pups the price raises. If I have no people wanting my dogs/pups, I stop breeding.

From Lois recently when asked about pricing, October 5, 2019

Pricing my pups/dogs
Economics 101
"When first born, I begin evaluating the puppies as they are born. I make notes of all they do. Mostly I do not touch them at this time as i am trying to get their RAW temperaments.
All evaluations are judged on the Dire Wolf Temperament, look and health so you can find that info on our STANDARDS of the breed. (We judge solely on OUR breed standards only)
I begin pricing my dogs at about 8 thousand dollars each because i do not know which pup i am going to have to keep...
Next I do a process of elimination. The pups I know I will not keep. Those pups go down to about 3800.00.... unless there is something I really do not want in my kennels. Long tails, Long heads, Long legs, Long muzzles all drop down in price. Red or diluted small pups.
The drop in price doesn't mean a pup is terrible, it means i can not use him/her in my breeding. That is all.
These pups are wonderful pups with great temperaments and character and you can find their notes on the web pages if you click on the photo of the pups.
By the time the pups are 6 weeks, I usually have it figured out who I want to keep and I usually choose three or four pups out of the litter to keep.
As these pups mature, they might not make the grade and then I will drop their price according to if I really can use them, or if it is impossible to use them. Pups that do not grow as fast and as bulky as I like will be put up for sale but these pups have the highest scores and were worthy of breeding.
I hope this clears my pricing habits up."