Temperament Testing - FOR BREEDERS ONLY

Expectations of the American Alsatian Breed - TO BREEDERS ONLY

*The most important temperament scoring is done on the "RAW PUP"™. This score is a reflection of the genetic and true temperament of the animal. As all living things, we go through many different growing and educating life experiences. These things shape us and our character. Some of these experiences can make or break us depending on our will, desire, heart and our stress levels or what each of us can handle.
As the pups go through everyday life experiences, we will score them. This is why our scores will fluctuate.


During the first three days it is imperative that you do not touch the puppies but only observe. You may weigh the pup when born and look the pup over and record the reaction to that stimulus, but no other touching is permitted unless the pup is in emanate danger. The reason for this is that we need to know the RAW PUP™ without any outside interference, education or knowledge as humans picking up the puppies will teach the pup that humans are okay. We need to know the raw genetic response the truth of the dog/pup itself. The pup will be tested six days from now when you may begin to hold the ones that need it.

That is then CONDITIONING of the RAW pup.

You CAN NOT test the genetic temperament of an entity when you apply conditioned responses. (READ THE BOOK)

~Lois Schwarz Founder~

Expectations of the American Alsatian
Note: The following tables are only to be used with the American Alsatian companion dog breed.

Temperament Test #1

Birth - 3 Days Old

(ears and eyes are closed, crawling, sense of smell developing, no teeth)

Temperment Test #1

Temperament Test #2

2.5 to 3 Weeks

(Eyes and ears are open. Hearing and sight is weak. Early walking, mobile.)

Temp Test #2

Temperament Test #3

6 to 6.5 Weeks Old

(Baby teeth have come in. Hearing, sight, and smell are developed. Highly mobile. Wagging tail and vocal.)

Temp Test #3