Sponsorship of the Dire Wolf

What does it mean to sponsor a Dire Wolf or one of the out cross breeders of the Dire Wolf Project?

The Dire Wolf Project started as an out cross. In order to obtain and create the perfect companion dog with large bones, solid structure, little to no health problems and little to no prey drive, one can't just pick a breed and try to "fix it". That would prove impossible. With so many breeders (most of the self owners or back yard breeders with no experience), one can't be sure what is really in a breed. So, we chose traits within breeds that were dominant and that could be used to mold into the perfect large breed dog.

This means that sometimes (we have only out crossed 2 times since 1987) we must choose other breeds to bring back or improve on recessive traits that are hard to keep in any breeding. So, without getting into the science of creating the breed, or the specifics in how we can keep large bones, yellow eyes from non yellow eyes, low prey drive and no/low dig and bark, we have chosen these other breeds which become invaluable to the continuation of the American Alsatian Dire Wolf.

With that being said, I would love to open up an area that has never been offered before... the sponsorship of some of our dogs that have yet to find a home!

Our dogs on average eat 6 to 8 cups of food per day, not counting extra chicken, oils, supplements, etc. They love toys and especially, butcher shop bones! They love hugs and brushing and grooming and walks just as much as any dog, and until they find their perfect forever home, I would love to offer sponsorships for these beautiful dogs looking for their forever homes!

If you sponsor one of these dogs looking for a home, you will get monthly updates via email, and photos of what your sponsorship went to on a monthly basis! When the dog you are sponsoring finds their forever home, you will receive a thank you card and paw print from your sponsored dog before they leave for their new home!

Sponsorship for each dog open to be sponsored is $75/month. You can sponsor for one month, or as many as you so choose! With each months sponsorship, please add your email address and physical address so that I can send updates to you!

If you would like to sponsor a dog below, please send your sponsorship:

via PayPal friends and family to schwarzdogs@aol.com;

Venmo @Amey-Gage or by email schwarzdogs@aol.com, or phone number 541-538-8224

or you can send a check/money order to:

Amey Gage

C/O Kingsley Kennels

4283 Winnetka Rd.

White City, OR. 97503


Lucy is out of Qleanna and Mulan. She is the sweetest girl on the planet and LOVES hugs. She loves to go for walks and lay at your feet while you watch TV. She is looking for her forever family and will do best as a single dog. She is a Mastiff outcross, so she does have a bit of prey drive, but she has a love to please and only wants to make you happy.

She will do well with children, small or large or no children. Single family or multiple. She doesn't like a lot of ruckus, but has no problems staying inside if things are too rowdy and if she is tired.

She is not going to be a hiking/running/long walk kind of dog! She would love walks around the block, NO DOG PARKS and she would love to be your best friend and companion. She is NOT a service dog. :)

If you would like to sponsor Lucy, please let us know! She would love to have you visit if you get a chance and share her hugs with you!