Buying Your Very Own American Alsatian Dire Wolf Pup

Filling out the puppy application found here: Puppy Application

This Questionnaire is necessary for me to get to know you and what you are looking for. We know our dogs and our puppies and we know the best placement homes to put them in. This questionnaire allows me to know who you are and what you are looking for. More than that it lets me know the level of animal training and communication you have so that I don't sell you a pup that is way over your limits. It is our family pride in finding the right pup for the right family and that means observing and scoring all our dogs as well as breeding towards the breed standards that allows us to match you up with that perfect pup.

Pups can come as:

Over thinkers who sit back, watch and learn just from watching; These pups are usually too laid back to do much 'work' for humans. This is the standard of our dogs, they are laid back and easy going but sensitive in emotions and easy to train. These dogs usually see things before they happen, they use their eyes and ears and smell, make excellent search and rescue dogs though a bit slow and dont really care to do any real work but would love to find their owners.

Standoffish pups that take some time to warm up to folks and who do not appreciate hyper dogs nor do they want to go to dog parks as they view themselves as humans and above the normal everyday pet dog. These dogs know that hyperness can cause physical damage, chaos and harm. Tree branches fall, tables topple, chairs turn over and there is no need for such shenanigans .

Hyperish' as a working dog in which the genes have gone back into the shepherd lines though not nearly as hyper as a shepherd. These dogs might do some kind of work for you and enjoy it. Special needs helpers come in this category. Jogging and Hiking buddies as well as swimmers and ball getters.

Velcro and wont leave your side. These dogs can be a bit nervous as pups and will need encouraging but as they get older and without any major chaos in their lives or disasters, they become well adjusted and standoffish but should never be shy nor nervous. All our dogs will have scores on their puppy pages and should be able to handle storms, thunder, gun shots, trucks etc. This type of pup is perfect for individuals that are soft, kind, and sensitive or that might need to cuddle or pet or brush an animal as well as need an animal to return hugs and love.

BOLD and first out of the den pups need intensive lap therapy and stern obedience or handling more so than the rest of our pups. This pup is genetically Bold not environmentally conditioned to be bold and forward. If you are a softy and a gentle soul you do not need one of these dogs, nor will i sell you one as it would be returned to me and i wont put anyone or any pup through that. Though my dogs are never aggressive some can 'claim' the top dog position if you are not such a person. Only 1 out of a hundred people are the type of person for this kind of a pup. Bold dogs can make EXCELLENT ptsd dogs or service dogs as they are not afraid of much. Still staying with the STANDARDS OF THE BREED, our dogs are not overly friendly but will not back away from much, instead they will stand their ground and think. If you have shown your dog that you can and will handle any type of issue that comes up, then your dog will have your back and might just save you from yourself. This type of dog will demand that you do not go into a dark alley and may steer you away from trouble. I personally love this type of personality in my personal dogs.

FRIENDLY pups have energy and are too happy for this breed. This pup will push itself on you and will need clear instructions not to jump or lick your face. If you can handle this type of a pup they will love all people.

Breeding is an ART which requires KNOWLEDGE, SKILL and continuous education.

Because breeding our dogs to the EXACT dimensions of the Dire wolf AND breeding with TEMPERAMENT first and foremost is such a precision ART, we do not accept pups from just anyone who breeds our dogs. Therefore, we do not sell 'BREEDERS'.  We keep our breeders and sell the LESS quality dogs. This doesn't mean the dogs we sell are LESS of a dog! All puppies and dogs that we sell have been HAND SELECTED and BRED for you!

  • (You may buy a Breeder that I have already used and gotten the next generation from. These dogs are highly sought after and you must be on your toes to get one. When I post one of my dogs for sale, they usually are bought in less than 5 min off our Facebook American Alsatian Owners page. I do have a page of Adult dogs for sale in this web site. If you look under the tab where you found this page, you will see the adults for sale.)
  • All our dogs have the TEMPERAMENT that you want in a twenty first century dog. All our dogs fit the BREED STANDARD, unless we tell you differently.
  • I believe that it is your constitutional right to enjoy your property and when you buy a dog from anyone, I strongly feel that you can and should enjoy your property without any restrictions on it. What this means is, I hold NO claims on your dog and you can do whatever it is you want to with your property per your constitutional rights.
  • If you want to breed your dog you may, but... you MAY NOT use our TRADEMARK "American Alsatian" name nor can you use the 'DIRE WOLF PROJECT' name to advertise your puppies. It has taken me over 30 years to get these dogs and I am STILL out-crossing to beget Health!  Our dogs should live up to 13 - 18 years and we are very PROUD of this. This is My legacy and my hard work. No one can do what I have done. I therefore claim my work in all of my stock.
  • Your dog/pup comes with an American Alsatian registration certificate and you may register your dog with our breed club.
  • If you are a 'CLUB MEMBER' you must follow the club rules.
  • If you would like to breed our dogs, then you MUST... take the Breeders test, pass it and then you may be awarded a Breeders License and only then may you breed the American Alsatian. This test is extensive and it may take you up to 2 years to educate and pass the 'Breeders Test' in order to be awarded a Breeders License to breed these dogs. Two of your years is far less than 30 of mine. (Schwarz Kennels is NOT accepting interns at this time)
  • We are not like AKC nor any other Breed Club Registry. We are not into showing and registering dogs to make money.
  • We breed our dogs because we want you to have the best companion dogs we can give to you and your family and that is all. We are very religious and do believe that these dogs come from our hard work, knowledge and God.

Puppy Application - Puppy Application