Our Waiting List: How it works

I think the most asked question of all time is, "How does the waiting list work?"

Here is the answer in a long winded way, because the waiting list is special!

We have a waiting list of at least 40+ folks ahead of you, though they may skip any litters they want to, and they have up to 5 years to choose a pup.

Many folks will opt to skip over first generation pups to get some of our 3rd generation pups, so we do have puppy buyers waiting a year, two years+ .

What that means is that the folks on the bottom of the list will get to choose pups as those above them on the list forfeit.

Yes, there are about 40 people ahead of you, but... will they be getting a pup or not?  I do not know. Most wait. They wait until they see a litter that screams out to them, and then as they watch the pups on face book (on my account or in the owners group) then they go to the web site and read up on that particular pup they are falling in love with.

Just for shits and grins, they contact me, and we talk. Then I suggest that they add their name to that puppy on the web site as "interested in"........  who knows?

As the pups grow you will keep going back to the web site to see who else might be interested in that pup. Up pops a name and its deposit date is before you, but they also put their name to 3 other pups 'as interested'.....

You continue following and another person adds their name and the first subtracts its name. You can add or subtract your name as interested at any time.

At 6 weeks old, I contact the folks by their deposit date...  and this is when we talk about what they are looking for. I will guide them into one or two pups that would fit. They choose and you will watch the 'SOLD' come up on a pup. 

Mostly the new deposit date folks will be grabbing up pups. The old ones are still waiting. What for?  I do not know.

After you have your pup for about a year, you find out you want another, so you send in another deposit and sit there like the rest of them after all you can’t have just one, lol.......