Neera's Peter "Parker" von Tudor

Peter Parker 1/17
Registration ID: TN4001-4
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Dec. 8, 2021
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Green
Sire: Yukon's Tutchone "TUDOR" Von Anna
Dam: Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera"
Litter: TUDOR X Neera 2021


Congratulation Michelle Rafferty!!!

12/24/2021 Very quiet boy. Not quite sure now that their eyes are open that they like all that is going on. This boy would much rather sleep!

12/26/2021 This boy is the first to wake, first to play, first to get moving, first to explore! He would love to go hiking with you when he is bigger and explore the sights and might even enjoy camping! (He plays and gets moving in a slow manner btw... no big jumps out of him at this time, he is just the more active of the three!)

1/3/2022 This boy is really coming around. He is a very quiet boy. Still aloof, in that he would rather sleep than wake up and eat, or play. Not food motivated like Stan Lee. Enjoys laying with you if you hold him, but will be find just watching you as well. Each of these boys will be larger. Not so much in weight, but in size. No long runs/walks with them until they are at least 1, and NO playing around or rough housing with larger dogs! They will not know there size and will play without realizing they can get hurt!

1/7/2021 First out of the den, bold, independent, ready to take on the world, too smart for you. Velcro to humans, easy to train. Training: Needs lap therapy. Learns no at 4 weeks. Fast learner.

1/17/2022 Confident and bold, but velcro to his human. He wants to be with you and will follow you anywhere. He loves lap therapy and needs to be told to settle. If you let this boy play, he will play! He has the ability to be calm and this should be the focus for his first 6 months. Highly intelligent and needs obedience early! Great family pup but if you have other dogs, you MUST protect this boy! He thinks he is bigger than he is and if you let him run and play, he will get hurt. Remember he will grow very large and you must protect him!

12/29/2021 4.6 lbs

1/10/2022 7.4

1/17/2022 8 lbs

1/26/2022 13.6 lbs

Temperament Test 3.5 Weeks - 9

Temperament Test 6 Weeks - 9.2

Health Record

1/17/2022 Nemex II

1/19/2022 Corona Vaccine

2/2/2022 Duramune Max 5

Photo Gallery

Peter Parker 1/17
Peter 1/17
Peter Parker 1/10/2022
Peter Parker
Thinking 1/1/2022
Happy New Year! 1/1/2022
Kitties are new! 1/1/2022
Handsome boy. 15 days old.
Handsome boy. 15 days old.
Prettiest face.
Pretty face. 😍
Long day.
Green pups long day.
6 Days Old
6 Days Old
6 Days Old


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