August West

Registration ID: HL0010-2
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date:
Sex: Male
Sire: Cool Moon Luke
Dam: Lexi
Litter: Cool Moon Luke X Lexi


Auggie is an F-1 on a breeding that was NOT approved. This was not an AA breeding. Auggie was co owned for use as a stud to see what Jennifer would get. I also used Auggie with an outcross IW bitch and got four amazing females and incorporated them into my lines for the outcrossed IW's. Does August West have papers? Not from me. I believe Jennifer gave him his paperwork.

Cool Moon Luke was also not approved as an AA STUD. He was sold because his tail curled up.

Lexi has papers for and as a purebred white GSD and is not. She has back dew claws and produces double back dew claws in Auggies pups. Tail also long and curls with a twist at the end. Pyr.

Health Record

When i saw Auggie he had health issues with his skin itching and red spots. While here he went on my kibbles and was fed per my instructions. His itching and spotting cleared up. Nutrition related not genetic.

Photo Gallery


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