Our Founder

Lois Denny-Schwarz, Breed Founder

Education and Knowledge in the fields:

Animal Breeder, Trainer, Groomer, Handler, Author

  • Founder of the First Large Breed Companion dog : American Alsatian
  • Founder of the National American Alsatian Club,
  • President of the NAAC Breeders Association,
  • Author of the first "Breeders Handbook and Testing Process"
  • Founder of the Jackson County China Painters,
  • President of the Oregon World of China Painting (2013-14)
  • By-Laws Committee Chair for the Oregon WOCP (2005-13)


1960: 7 years old. Already studied, Monkeys, Budgets, Dogs, Cats but not completely.
1963: 10 yrs old. Environmental conditioning mice/rats Recorded and photographed. Breeding/Genetics: guinea pigs, pigeons, ducks, chickens.
Started Training/communication: dogs, Started in with training and animal care of barn yard animals. Ducks, Chickens. 
1971: Genetic breeding and study program of birds and their habits (budgies, cockatiels, love birds, finch).
1974: GSD mix attack/ Protection training. Sold first protection dog.
1975: (Jennifer was born) Bought my Second Am Cocker Spaniel (pair)
1978: (Amey was born) Got Married to Anthony G Mezey
1979: (Arron was born) Divorced/Tennessee
1981: Bozeman Barnyard Kennels: Stratford, Calif. Raised, bred and shown American Cocker Spaniel. Study and breeding of the Chocolate genes. 7 generations of chocolates.
1981-83 Security officer. Bird dog training/Teaching dog training classes
1983: Police Academy/Truck driving school San Diego. Oxnard
1984: Married Gary Kingsley. got Buddy and Swanny. Owner of several pet/grooming/training shops. Started night classes in animal sciences. Started pamphlets, articles, books.Began the creation of a new breed of companion dog. club formation and by laws
1987: First litter of Shepalutes
1988: Created the pocket pets including the toy Rabbits.Joined Schutzhund clubs in Ventura and Oxnard. Studied and mixed small companion dog breeds.
1992: outcross the English Mastiff into my lines
1995: Bought my first house in Oxnard Calif. Dewey Died
1996: Divorced
1999: Homeless moved to Oregon with 4 dogs
2000: Alsatian Shepalutes


  • "Shepalutes"  Pups resulting from breeding GSD to Malamutes
  • "The American Alsatian" (First large bred companion dog specifically bred for Companionship and special service in that field. Not a Working Dog.) This name was first used in 2003, written in book form in 2005.
  • "Universal Language"  First used in Lois's Animal Training program booklets in 1986 depicting the specific animal body language that is used by all mammals from the beginning of time.
  • "Dire Wolf Project"  First used in the standards of the breed and a description of the Look of the North American Shepalute in 1978. In 2012 it became the 'project' of the breed as a description of where the club was headed as the word project gave more substance to the work be done.
  • Developed a unique way to bring back health and vigor to 'STRONGBRED' dogs by outcrossing with completely different breeds while hand selecting only those that contribute to the standards and the dogs themselves.
  • "Strongbred" a word describing the technique of Lois Schwarz when breeding first for health, stamina and vigor in the canine.
  • In 1978 Lois designed a completely new and unique way to describe genes and their true influence within life and dna cells. She made hundreds of copies of her idea, sealed and mailed this to herself.  She is still working on the book/pamphlets to be published in which she describes the gravitational pull that results in color and binding of genes.
  • Gods Breeding Plan


Lois Elaine Denny was born in 1953 in the city of Cocili, Panama on Government Land, as her father was enlisted in the military. In 1962 the Denny family moved to California.

  • During her childhood years Lois bred and raised many small animals. Along with this, she recorded the many different things she saw and the outcomes of the breeding’s. Each baby animal had a name, number and a description along with a photo. She got into rats, mice, turtles, birds, fish, pigeons, rabbits, guinea pigs and of course the family dog.
  • Lois started Training dogs when her family got their first Pure Bred Boxer from Central America around 1960. She use to take him for walks and taught him how to climb up the park slides and then to slide down the other side. After 'Devilare' kept jumping over the fence we got a small poodle mix that we called Tiki.
  • Tiki would do anything for food so the Denny girls taught Tiki the normal everyday stuff like sit, down, and roll over. Lois remembers that teaching Tiki to Roll-over was the difficult part but, with food in hand and Tiki’s nose following right along with the closed fist, Tiki's body just flipped over and that's when the food and hugs followed. Next Lois taught Tiki to “play dead”. Tiki would lay there waiting for the “ok” command so that she could get that ultimate treat. Lois was now showing anyone who would watch, all the tricks that Tiki knew.  Folks were amazed and Lois wondered why people thought that Tiki was so smart.
  • Lois also trained her ducks to walk on cat leashes and to swim in the family swimming pool.
  • One day Lois's younger sister came home with an absolutely drop dead gorgeous, sable German Shepherd pup and she was stoked! Lois was about fourteen and extremely jealous. Where on earth did she get that dog? And how did she know to get that particular one? Where did she find it and how did she pay for it? Lois was now determined that she would also get a wonderful dog one day.
  • That day came when a Shepherd mix puppy followed her home. Lois thought that this was the perfect dog! She began training that dog and soon Caesar would follow her any where. They were pals. Lois didn't know much about the health of dogs and Caesar proved to have worms so Caesar was not her mother’s best friend. Lois then found a home for Caesar and got fifty dollars for this eight month old trained German Shepherd mix.  That was the beginning of her quest to find the ultimate companion dog, she just didn’t know it yet.
  • Lois began serious breeding at the age of twenty-two and chose the American Cocker Spaniel because that breed was a family 'all-around' kind of breed plus she wanted to try her hand in the show ring. She also started a small business within the Bird Aviary field raising a variety of colorful birds. She took this time to study more on her passion in genetics. Her business began to thrive but her relationship with the father of her first-born child was failing.
  • Lois bred the old fashion cocker with the short, easy to care for coats. “American cockers” that would retrieve anything a person threw out in front of them. These cockers were great bird dogs and would quarter back and forth in front of her sniffing the ground and reading all that came into their senses. When walking one of her dogs a persons eyes would go right to his little tail because it was always wagging and happy.
  • Lois had a lot of fun with those dogs but she had a problem with the “Cocker Spaniel Club of America” and the breed standard verses the A. K. C.. judging of this breed in the ring. Lois couldn’t accept the new evolution of the long cottony coats being that they were in complete opposition to the standards for the breed that stated that the cocker coat was to be short and easy to care for.
  • Trained and Groomed for show, her dogs entered in puppy classes and different show events around central California.
  • With her dedication to the breed Lois let one of her new style cockers enter the show ring unclipped to make a statement to the spectators that this is the dog that was replacing the 'old style American Cocker Spaniel'. You can just guess at the outcome.
  • Her Cocker Spaniel Business was thriving and she sold her pups throughout the United States. She obtained six generations of solid chocolate cocker spaniels of which she is very proud of and all the while she kept the retrieving instinct in the gene pool. She bred a multitude of different lines and recorded all data.
  • Lois then moved to Stratford, California and started up the ‘Bozeman’s Barnyard Kennels’ where she raised, bred and boarded a variety of animals. This is where her experience in all of god’s creatures went into full bloom as she bought and trained horses, goats, cows and pigs as well as bred chickens for a variety of colors and recorded the characteristics of the eggs as well as the quantity produced by the different species. Lois was ready to move on and she wanted to try her hand at protection training and more serious causes.
  • Lois started teaching obedience classes at naval bases and she knew that she needed the ultimate dog to use as a demo, but which breed?
  • When did the Idea of this great breed of dog enter her mind?   The seed’s of this new breed were planted in 1967 when a large mixed puppy followed her home.  The Idea of the new breed “American Alsatian” would not come together for her until many dogs, breeds, and training’s later.
  • Lois trained thousands of dogs for people and during this time she tried very hard to educate the owners on the many different dog breeds and their personalities.  She would tell the truth about canines and how they really learned.   She would suggest the easiest ways to train them.   What she found out was that many people did not want to hear the truth.   These people were not from the farms and mountains.   They had a living that would erase the past of the real world and replace it instead with comfortable images of what the world was to them.
  • Owners of Labrador and Golden Retriever’s of the 1970-80’s wanted a seeing-eye dog that was trained to do everything they imagined when they first brought the puppy home.   These dogs then came to Lois at that mischievous age of eight-months-old and totally wild!   These were the bird dogs!   Labradors with extensive lineages going back to the days when folks hunted birds for food.   What were the owners expecting?   Gee whiz, if the dogs didn’t possess those bird hunting traits, they wouldn't be bird dogs!
  • Soon to be puppy owners didn’t know what they wanted (but thought they did) as they came to Lois for advice.  New puppy buyers may have read up on a breed and looked at the pictures of the finely groomed pets that covered the pages of breed books but then they would decide that what they really wanted was a blue eyed Siberian or a puffy white-coated Samoyed husky!
  • When one has over 30 years of experience listening and coming in contact with such disasters as choosing a pup on looks alone, one begins to know what the public is looking for.  Lois then decided that she just had to create that perfect companion dog!   Those dogs that everyone wanted!   She knew she could do it!   She knew it would take a long time.   She was a dreamer, a lover of that easily trained intelligent dog, but where is he?