Q-Leanna's "Penny" Von Naga

Registration ID: MQ20002-7
Breed: F2 Mastiff
Birth Date: Aug. 23, 2020
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Purple
Sire: Ashley's "Naga" von Buck
Dam: Q-Leanna
Litter: Naga X Q-Leanna 2020



Birth Notes: Twin to purple collar Baylene. Black sable with white back paws. White line down chest.
10-1-20: Bold pup, no fear. Would make a great Therapy dog or Stability dog. If she would do as she was told? lol
10-10-20: Small fear period. All pups go through a shy stage. She loves food too much, haha. Wants down. Doesn't like lap therapy.
10-13-20:  Silly girl, lots of energy at this age. Lap therapy is great. Stays still. Starting to enjoy her time with me. But now, she is the first to the door to me. Now is the time to start her training as she thinks she is a 'free' to do what ever she wants pup. (did not train)
10-17-20: She is in my face. Loves to be with me. first one over to me. No fear. Great pup. EVERYONE will LOVE this pup...........An AMBASSADOR for the breed!!!!! She loves the lap now. Before no one did, of course, they didn't know.. You must show puppies how to be!  This gal LOVES......... Her name should be Heart. lol...  She is a puppy and will grow into a majestic, easy going dog but give her rules. 
12-31-20: feet placement on ground is perfect on all legs. leg movement is pendulum perfect, good muscle nice gait. This photo shows a slight out at shoulder left front, but, that is cause she is turning slightly. no problems. Straight top line with a touch down on tails set on.. but no problems, i am just picky.. i give her a 9.5

Prediction Litter: Warleggin X PENNY

Why: Doubling up on Saigon and Ashley. We do not have a double Ashley bringing her lines forward. Will get the girth in all pups. Large dire wolf bodies and heads. This match will bring Boss forward and all his malamute background. Will probably get some reds. It also doubles the mastiff lines up closer, so All pups will get to 180 lbs. Temperaments will be fantastic, laid back, easy going. Some dogs will have the IW furnishings on the face but should be a lot less than Penny's

The following is a 'prediction' of what i think we shall get

Ears: up and weak

Head: extra large dire wolf heads

Eyes: lights/yellows

Hieght: large girthy mastiff size and a bit taller.

Weight: 180 +

Feet: massiff

Tail: Short down

Coats: wiry and thick some med thick. a lot of coat.

Conformation: solid

Color: brindles with black points. black skin. very little spotting.

Temperament: 10+ every one of them.


Health Record


wormings; 6, 8, 10, 14
shots: 6; 8; 12; 4 months

1-26-22: updating health records on penny. Penny has a variety of stool issues. She was placed in alcatraz because she started escaping from chain link fences. She also dug out. Her mom Qleanna showed them all how to bust out. Once an escape artist Always and escape artist.

Penny use to eat stuff instead of chewing would swallow her food and 'stuff'. On this date, Penny has been down and out. I assume she has NOT been kept up to date on shots? Stools do not look like parvo, nor smell like parvo. I am assuming she has round worms? Should be wormed with Nemex ll. She is eating chicken. Needs to be on a kibble/canned meat diet with 1 tsp oil and 1 tbl pwd.

She was hand scissored and cleaned up with a dry wash. Baby pwd/cornstarch.

Photo Gallery

Up for adoption after her first litter.
Penny Long Coat
Sweet Penny
Such a lover.


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