Registration ID: QB/S310002-2
Breed: F1 Mastiff
Birth Date:
Sex: Male
Sire: Mr Q Ball
Dam: Swan's Saigon Von Finn
Litter: Mr Q Ball X Swan's Saigon Von Finn



Light blue collar pup. keeping my eye on him.. quiet easy going. not for sale.
conformation 10 ... great body, nice pup.  Not for sale.

I have decided to keep three males and a female out of this litter at this time. As per his collar "blue" only a light blue.. he is top pick out of the litter at this time.  testing will continue.

This pup is what i am looking for. Easy going, laid back. though he is a bit independent and stubborn. Training will get him out of that.   Needs training. Likes to be independent. Needs a leash on .. 

This entire litter went to Colorado and back at 6 weeks old. cage trained at that time. Now as they are older and not been trained they have taking to liking 'freedom and independence. I will put this one up for sale as i have two males and a female out of this litter and can afford to sell him.
Nothing wrong with this guy at all.. pick of the litter as with the blue collar pup. Muzzle is a tad bit too long for my liking so i have not trained or socialized him.

selling for 3,000.00 as i can keep him if no one needs him. This pup will make a wonderful stability dog or READ dog. May also like to socialize after training. All pups have a stubborn mastiff streak to them and an independence but training will mold this down into a great pup.

(i don't train my dogs).  I do give them manners.

  • Here are some photos of his younger years.
  • Quintin has turned into a very lovely color. a beautiful pup.  11-2-19 Quentin has very large feet though not straight forward, but a tad bit turned out. Coat is PERFECT and has a nice cape on it. longish. Black diluted and he is almost all cream now.

Health Record

4-2-18 NEMEX
5-8-18 ALBON
6-1-18 NEMEX
5-23-18 DHALP CVK PV

Photo Gallery



Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn Booker T/Moody Blue Panayotis Aspiotis (Lobo)
Autumn's Summer Rain
Rosie's Black Swan Vallecito's Storm
My Wild Irish Rose


Quentin X Ashley 2020

About the Litter (F2 Mastiff)

Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue

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