Saigon's "Stella" Stealth Von Topper

elsie and stella
Registration ID: B/TS3003-3
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Nov. 7, 2018
Sex: Female
Sire: Vallecito's Top Secret
Dam: Swan's Saigon Von Finn
Litter: Vallecito's Top Secret X Swan's Saigon Von Finn 2018


Sold to: Tommy Hurley

Notes on STELLA:
11/8/18: Large head. black nose,  hardly any white. Silver wolf gray. looks like Saigon. 
11-17-18: Creamish silver GRAY sable ish.. lightest pup in litter. white chin and throat. pink skin 2 white rear feet. black points.
The Look: should look very dire wolfish with exact bone measurement for a female. 
Weight: Should get about 135 lbs and stand tall up on rear legs 5 ft. 7 inches?
Ears should go up.
Eyes should be yellow.
Coat will get full and thick in the winter time. Thinning all under coat out in spring/summer. I am hoping the top guard hairs will be longer and harsher as a dire wolf should have them. Hoping it is not soft.
I am thinking that this coat might silver out as she gets older like the Irish wolfhound. should be a lovely creamish silver and we keep the dark points. 
Mask: black up until 2 yrs old? We shall see
Head: Very nice for a female.
Temperament: Should be a very nice all around Am Alsatian temperament. Watching and learning, standoffish when a pup. Minding its own business. Not found of the ordinary dog and not liking fast hyper dogs at all. Emotional to the aura around her space. Aware of your body/health signs. Not a fan of the city or fast things but not afraid either. Likes the easy laid back life and peace and quiet of nature. Should be Velcro enough for most folks, but for me? maybe too outgoing for me. I like a tight Velcro in a dog, but this can be trained into them. We shall see.
Thus the price..........
If she doesn't live up to what is perfect, down the price will go.
If she stays this nice, and or gets better, the price will stay or go up.
4 weeks
11-30-18: Stella has gotten a lot lighter all over. Very pretty pup. Light coloring goes from face, down neck and over shoulders. The dorsal stripe starts after this (middle of back).
Eyes are fully open and brain is engaged.
Stranger test scores 4. 
This pup was vocally terrified. This pup smelled the air and was engaged with the stranger but was afraid and pulled away.  Stranger could hold pup up to chest and cuddle and the pup was comfortable and then accepted the stranger as long as the stranger was quiet. It took time for this pup to figure out that the petting, cuddling and firm holding was none threatening and in fact nice. This means that this pup is thinking and is highly aware and sensitive in nature. This pup will be cautious and will need socialization with rewards. sensitive and thoughtful.  May need motivation, probably food. May pout and will remember things. Training will be easy with this pup as not much force (if any) need be used. This pup will be able to easily learn to detect health issues or slight changes in moods/body language.
This pup will be one heck of a dog at age 2.
12-05-18: Smallest pup in the litter. is now used to her vision and the newness. Mom moved all the pups outside and into a hole. They come out for feedings. Today all pups got watered down canned dog food. Got their nails clipped and spent some time with them.
1-13-19:  I have decided to sell Stella as she is too soft in temperament for me. She is not a lap pup at this time, but with training will be. She is also too vocally outspoken for me, though she is quiet most of the time. She tells me of her dislikes.  She will take a lot of time to grow up as she is the runt of the litter and the last one out of the den. For the most part she doesn't really like people and prefers other dogs to humans. All dogs can be molded if the owner will put the time and effort in to the pups education and training. An easy pup to love and grow up with. No children at this age. As time and training go, she may accept them but for now, she doesn't trust humans and this is a genetic trait and who she is, so molding and training and socialization is a must.
4-26-19  five months old. very hyper. Barky. Digs. where did i get this girl?  She is a smart pup/dog but too nervous. I hope to breed her to the mastiff lines to get better pups in temperament. 
Too small in feet. Stella had the perfect coat for a dire wolf! Varies coat lengths with long guard hairs on shoulders. Resembled her dad Topper'. Black skin. Erect ears. Yellow eyes.

Health Record


Two puppy shots and multiple wormings.
Giardia medication
Nemex 2
12-2018:  dhalp + parvo
1-15-19   dhalpp + parvo
came into season, bred 18 times, no pups
put in with Quentin jan 2020
Should come back into season in April 2020
Had puppies on 5-25-20 out of Winston
6-2-20: Wormed with Evict
Eating chicken raw/bones ..
Feces eater so she is constantly wormy looking.

Photo Gallery

elsie and stella
Stella Puppy


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Swan's Saigon Von Finn Booker T/Moody Blue Panayotis Aspiotis (Lobo)
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Winston X Stella 2020

About the Litter (F2 Mastiff)

About This Litter: (F-2/F-4)

Double Saigon

Pups will be:
Weight: 60-90
Ears: up
Eyes: Light Brown
Coat: Medium long Creamish, Silvers? Dark points. Long coats may have some whiskers on the muzzle.
Muzzles: dark and lightning up with age. Some pups might have whiskers.
Temperament: tad standoffish, observant and friendly. Intuitive, watchful and highly intelligent.
Character: Clownish, loving, kind, gentle. intelligent. and some what standoffish. (Mother is extremely intelligent and willing to do for me.)
Energy level: GOOD. Low to med. Some will love to run fast around the back yard. Some will chase squirrels.
All will be very smart in outsmarting you. In other words they will be tricksters.

6-28-20: This litter is double Saigon (see pedigree). This is called in-breeding and is done on purpose to see what is in those lines. Those lines were healthy and free of most problems so i doubled it up. But what doubling up also does is it doubles the unwanted genes (small).
The great stuff i wanted was the tipping of silver on the coat hairs. I also wanted a med coat and i got long and med. I did get my tipping with some wonderful silver and blacks. Long coats will probably have whiskers.

6-30-20: Most of these pups are like most pups. Inquisitive and wanting to get into things. Some are a tad bit standoffish as they should be at this age. They will not be so at a year old. The shyest at this age will be a bit standoffish after a year old, (cautious) but none of them will be fearful nor fear bitters.
They will avoid a fight.
The more dominate, outgoing pups will NOT BE FEARFUL at all and will be standing their ground, but may still not wish to engage in any hooligan playing with loud energetic dogs. That is for the Malamutes. Irish Wolfhounds are more on the hunting and running while English mastiffs are more on the Guard dog side, more watching. 

  • If you are looking for a service dog you do want some boldness in a dog. My dogs usually AVOID fights and confrontations. None of these dogs are aggressive.
  • Do not encourage hyperness as the mom is too hyper for me at a young age. She is fine at 2 yrs old. BTW, she is the most intelligent, willing to do dog i have in my kennels. She WANTS to please me so bad that it is a pain in my butt.. lol A great dog.

The prices are priced at my choice as a breeder pups. The pups that look more like wolves or foxes are priced higher. Prices are NOT done by intelligence or temperament in this litter as i am beginning the Vulpes Fox Project with these girls.

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