Sela's "Lone Star" Buck-O Von Buck

Registration ID: BS4000
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: June 26, 2019
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dam: Trixy's "Sela Red Dog" Von Capone
Litter: Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont X Sela Red Dog 2019


7-7-19:  Lone Star Black collar pup. I will be keeping this pup unless someone can afford him. The reason to keep him is for my breeding of fine dogs. This pup has the look and the bones and the mass at this young age. In temperament he is not far off at all. He is defiant, but i dont care at this age. He is a 'Boss' kind of a pup. Strong, Stallion like. As he grows, i feel he will be just as kind and as loving as his sire. He is a no nonsense kind of a pup. Not a happy go lucky friendly pup at all. Standoffish is what i like. He is macho enough and may breed early. Another Embassador of the breed. Everyone will stop you when you walk this dog. You will need to bring along pamphlets and business cards to hand out. This pup could be in the movies.
As far as temperament goes, will he be easy to train? If he figures things out instead of trying to be boss, yep.. once he understands the communication and the love and to use the brain, he will take off.
Velcro enough to stick around, until the call of the wild hits him. Neuter him at about 10 months old if you can not handle a male canine. He will not be tough to handle if you have trained him. He should be fine.
He will not care for the dog parks or strange dogs. Once neutered he will be fine with them, but no need to upset him by pushing him into relationships he doesnt care for. This is a companion dog not an everybody elses dog. He will WANT to be with his owner and this is what i want for him. He will attach himself to the family.

So i like the genes here, inside this pup and i would love to use him for breeding. If someone buys him, i shall keep the females to breed with.

12-19-19: This is a nice pup, very wolfy looking with a longer coat than i like. Standoffish enough, but likes most folks. Does bark a tad. Good size and girth. Ears have not gone up as of yet. Should throw nice pups if bred to an outcross for Health and vigor. Do not inbreed with this dog.

1-9-20: Lone star will be up for sale at a reduced rate because he is no longer a puppy. We shall use him for stud first. He is a great dog with a great temperament. Easy going, loving and kind to all. A tad bit standoffish as he should be, but once he gets to know you he will be your best buddy and pal. He has NOT been trained.

1-11-19: Lone star is coming into his 'Studship"... He is maturing. He is just like his dad Buck so i call him Buck-O... He is a lap pup, a lover and is pretty smart. He loves himself lol.. a lot... if he had a pocket, he would have a comb in it. haha... He is silly but maturish... He is laid back and not in a hurry. He is a thinker and learns by watching. I have started walking him on a leash now that he is older. Brought him into the house. He was nervous about it.

Health Record

Parasite treatment

12-12-19: This pup has passed all DNA and Health tests. His kidneys and ureter have been checked as some of the litter mates/siblings had ureter/kidney issues. He has no issues with weight or growth nor any other signs of any problems.

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Lone Star Puppy


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