Lucy's Micco Von Ironheart

Lucy's Micco
Registration ID: I/LU3001-5
Breed: American Alsatian F3
Birth Date: March 24, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Lucinda" Von Mulan "Lucy"
Litter: Ironheart X Lucinda 2022


Congratulations to Chris and Lemek!

Black, large male with silver undercoat. Long mane. White toes on black two feet.

3/31/2022 Very large black silver sable with girth and solid body. Should top 145 with up ears and yellow eyes. This boy will be passing on future dire wolves for sure in the very near future!

4/9/2022 Too busy sleeping to really care about much. This boy has a quiet demeanor, slow way about him and a thinker. Nothing much bothers him and when you do bother him, he just goes with the flow.

Quiet in tone, yawning more than anything else, you can often find him splayed out on his tummy with his chunky neck surrounding him, sleeping quietly.

4/17/2022 Still the most laid back pup in this litter. Very inquisitive in that he likes to watch. He is bold and nothing bothers him, but as nothing bothers him, he doesn't like to bother anyone else much either. Both boys in this litter are calm and quiet. The last to eat, as they would rather sleep. This boy should be around 130 to 150. Much more than that and he will be chunky!

*as always, we will not decide on who we are for sure keeping until 6 weeks*

Health Record

Temperament Scores:
3/27/2022 9.7
4/17/2022 10

Worming: Nemex II
4/21/2022; 5/2/2022; 5/19/2022; 5/31/2022
5/5/2022; 5/19/2022 Duramune Max 5
3/24/2022 1.83 lbs
3/27/2022 2.25 lbs
3/29/2022 2.83 lbs
4/2/2022 3.95 lbs
4/9/2022 6.03 lbs
4/17/2022 9.5 lbs
4/21/2022 11.2 lbs
5/2/2022 15.8 lbs

5/19/2022 26 lbs

5/31/2022 34

Photo Gallery

Lucy's Micco
"Blue Collar" Born 3/24/2022
Lucy's Blue 3
Lucy's Blue 2
Blue April 3, 2022
Lucy's Blue Puppy 1
4/3/2022 Blue Pup
Micco 4/24
Micco Blue Collar
Micco May 19, 22
Micco 5/19/2022_1
Micco May 19 2022
Micco 5/19/2022


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