Leloo's Silver Baron Von Ironheart

For Sale: $3800.00

Registration ID: I/LE3001-3
Breed: F-3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 3, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Dark Green
Sire: Ironheart
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan
Litter: Ironheart X Leloo 2022


9/30/2022 Great boy. Thinker and moves with purpose. He knows what he wants and gets it with a smooth determination. Solid build, this boy will be thick and dire wolf in size/structure.

9/18/2022 Beautiful build on this boy. Striking silver coloring and large bones but not super heavy bones.

Very low key at this point. Enjoying his sleep over being bothered and moved.

MighMight be a keeper since we no longer have Leloo's genes.

9/3/2022 4 white feet/socks. Small White tipped tail. Medium coat, white chin. Small pink on lower nose.

Strong - walking, thick neck, good muscle, silver surfer name? Pistol of a pup, spitfire, large feet.

Health Record


9/6/2022 1.13 lbs

9/9/2022 1.38 lbs

9/12/2022 2.07 lbs

9/18/2022 2.13 lbs (I do not think the scale is accurate)

9/30/2022 5.32 lbs

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