Leloo's "Silver Arrow" Von Ironheart

Registration ID: I/LE3001-5
Breed: F-3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 3, 2022
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Purple
Sire: Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan
Litter: Ironheart X Leloo 2022


Congratulations to Ian and family! I can't wait for you to meet this girl this weekend! She comes in the house tomorrow and I will update her pictures as well!

11/7/2022 I just adore this little girl. She is active and has a busy mind like all female pups, but velcro! She wants everything to do with you and nothing to do with anyone else. That's not to say she doesn't LOVE everyone else, but she only has eyes for her "person".

This girl is AA all the way as far as intelligence and velcro goes. Too forward to further the breed, but she will make a fantastic pup for any family. This pup will be one you never forget.

10/29/22 Brightest yellow eyes that look right into your soul. This gal is playful enough to follow you and make sure she is known, but once she has your attention, she would rather snuggle than play games. I love this girl. She is going to be the spitting image of her father.

10/23/2022 Very quick to learn, wants to please. Moves before thinking and needs to be taught to slow down first. Her mind is active. She is a bit stubborn in that sometimes she would rather be doing what she wants to do, but food motivation with raw chicken necks are her favorite so far!

10/14/22 Velcro pup still. She has a mouth when she wants something. Active pup, good for active family. Would prefer knowledgeable owner.

10/10/2022 Laid back, super sweet velcro pup. This girl is feminine and loves to be in your lap. She is not one of the first in the pack to come up to you, but when she does, she will stay around for a while. She loves hugs and listening to you talk.

This pup will be good for just about anyone. Very balanced. Strong bones, but won't hit the larger weights of Leloo. She will be around 120. Nice mind on this girl and she is learning by watching.

10/2/2022 Good house pup. She has grown a bit in a few days. She thinks and looks at you when she wants to learn something. Very inquisitive girl.

9/30/2022 This gal talks! She has things to say. This will change as she ages and could be due to her wanting food and growing. Very beautiful color on this gal. Food motivated so far! This gal is going to be large. Long bodied like her mother and solid.

9/18/2022 Active, forward and busy pup! She wants to know where things are, how they smell, who has been there and why. This may change as she ages, but for now, busy and hungry gal!

9/3/2022 Pink pads, 1 spot on each back foot pad is black. No white tip, 2 white rear toes, no white on belly, long and skinny with silver on back of legs.

Health Record


9/6/2022 1.08 lbs
9/9/2022 1.34 lbs
9/12/2022 2.01 lbs
9/18/2022 2.6 lbs
9/30/2022 5.58 lbs
10/10/2022 6.4 lbs
11/1/2022 9.8 lbs
11/7/2022 11.6 lbs

Nemex II:

10/10/2022, 10/23/22


10/25 - 11-1-2022


10-26 through 10/29


10/20/22, 11/8/2022

Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L F7DB

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