River's Rock of Ages X Vegas 2016

Birth Date: Oct. 13, 2016

About the Litter (German Shepherd)

What we will get from a Rock Stud: Dark pups with yellow eyes and erect ears. Med/long coats. Girthy. May have some brindling? Longer tails than what i like. Heavy set. These pups will be friendy pups. not as velcro.

How i feel about this litter:   Turned out really nice. I am pretty amazed at myself. Well not really, i already knew. These pups are going to be amazing. Better than both parents. We have a combination of the two here. The smart intelligent gsd bonding paired with the soft, loving kind hearted IW and a touch of the Giant Mal. Amazing dogs. Should be easy to train and scary looking.

  • If you want a protection dog that isn't mean, this dog WILL deter folks from coming into your yard with just the looks alone. Massive bones and heavy of weight. Some smoother coats, some a bit longer. Cant wait until you all see them as they get older.


Rocks Fremont Street Von Vegas

Sex: Male
Collar: Green

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Rocks Paris Von Vegas

Sex: Female
Collar: Red

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