Saigon's Sue "Sukhoi Su" Von Boss Daddy AKA Sue

Sue 3
Registration ID: BS3003-5
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Nov. 7, 2018
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Yellow
Sire: Boss Big Daddy
Dam: Swan's Saigon Von Finn
Litter: Boss Big Daddy X Swan's Saigon Von Finn 2018


11/8/18: Yellow collar pup. Black Brindle. long tail. curly coat. long coat. large pup. head first. stands on rear legs for milk.
11-17-18: Large Black Brindle. 2 white rear feet. nice pup. white under throat and down chest. white chin. black skin, ears black face. looks like swan.
The Look: should look very dire wolfish with exact bone measurement for a female. Will probably lighten up to a silver dark gray? hoping to keep the black points.
Weight: Should get about 145 lbs and stand tall up on rear legs 5 ft. 10 inches?
Ears should go up.
Eyes should be yellow.
Coat will get full and thick in the winter time. Thinning all under coat out in spring/summer. I am hoping the top guard hairs will be longer and harsher as a dire wolf should have them. Hoping it is not soft.
I am thinking that this coat might silver out as she gets older like the irish wolfhound. should be a lovely creamish silver.
Mask: might lighten up ? maybe not.
Head: large and male'ish. Might not breed? Sometimes the maleish looking females do not breed.
Temperament: Should be a very nice all around Am Alsatian temperament. Watching and learning, standoffish when a pup. Minding its own business. Not found of the ordinary dog and not liking fast hyper dogs at all. Emotional to the aoura around her space. Aware of your body/health signs. Not a fan of the city or fast things but not afraid either. Could be the most dominate female of the litter. As she matures into her second year, she will be more laid back and easy going. Hoping she would be velcroish but probably will be a lot like her mom. Should be velcro enough for most folks, but for me? maybe too outgoing for me. I like a tight velcro in a dog, but this can be trained into them.
Thus the price..........

If she doesn't live up to what is perfect, down the price will go.
If she stays this nice, and or gets better, the price will stay or go up.

11/30/18:   Eyes are fully open and brain is engaged.
Stranger test scores low 6. 
This pup will be devoted to family and maybe to one person more than another. A thinker. Some velcro. Give this pup a lot of time to sit and watch and think. She is a thinker. Once understanding and socialization is inputed/learned, this pup will love all people. Strangers standoffish at first. 

1-15-19:  10 wks old, apprehensive, standoffish. Not coming when called. guess i need to start training this gal. Belatrix sisters were like this at this age and took a while to trust humans. No problem for me. i like a standoffish pup. Training will fix this. Breeding too friendly pups will beget a more standoffish pup. Breeder must be careful not to over breed the standoffish. Not shy. Great around noises. Is touch sensitive a bit right now. 

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Sue 3
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Sex: Female
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