SuSu's Hachibi Von Mulan

Registration ID: MS4001-5
Breed: F4 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Aug. 15, 2020
Sex: Female
Sire: Bambi's Mua "Mulan" Von Topper
Dam: Saigon's Sue "Sukhoi Su" Von Boss Daddy AKA Sue
Litter: Mulan X Sukhoi Su 2020


Birth Notes: 6:45 am. Head first. Steel cream gray. Cream Steel silver sable with black points. small white on feet/toes. Easy going, good instincts.
9-15-20: First out of the den. No fear, bold. Likes people. Good service dog material. Outgoing. Investigative.
This dog will do anything if you train her properly. Socialize with the worldly objects, sounds, smells, diff places. She will 'input' it all into her brain, soaking it all up and adding to her knowledge/brain.
She is the right color to 'please' the public. Might be too large? Short/Med coat which is easy to keep clean and the public will accept this more than a longer coat. She is smart enough to do the job.
12-31-20:  Chibi the white/cream with black points out of Stella x Mulan. Some facial whiskers, nice harsh wolfy coat. could use a tad bit more undercoat, but that will come. Ears will be up. good body structure, nice leg and foot placement. movement is solid and straight forward. body is healthy and firm at four months of age. She is a bit hyper for me, but i like the mastiff temperament. She is extremely smart and willing enough. Not as velcro as i want but i don't want her up my butt. So this is a very nice pup. She will throw very good dogs/pups for all of you.

Health Record

wormed: 9-20-20;  10/1/20;  10-15-20 (giardia, cocci and round worms) nemex 2
shots: 6wks, 8 wks, 10 wks  (dhalp cvk)  dhalp +pv

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Pepper X SuSu's Hachibi Von Mulan 2021

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