Lucy's Melania Von Ironheart

Registration ID: I/LU3001-3
Breed: American Alsatian F3
Birth Date: March 24, 2022
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Lucinda" Von Mulan "Lucy"
Litter: Ironheart X Lucinda 2022


10/20/23 Trained, needs more training. Need more socialization. Very happy dog, loves people, reminds me of a shepherd. Great with kids. If you have other pets, give her time to assimilate. Suggested to be kept on a leash, as she does not have perfect recall. Good solid dog with good bones. Hyperactivity is because she is a female. Temperament score of 9. She has always scored high on temperament as you can see below. Not breed quality. If you put the time into training of this gal, she will be the best dog you've ever had. Should live to 13.

11/20/22 In heat

11/14/2022 Melania came back to us a few months ago due to no fault of her own (Nor that of her previous family). Due to circumstances beyond the families control, they brought her back so that we could give her the additional training as she grew, and to give her the love and attention that she needed while they dealt with what we all know is life. In the future, Melania will be back up for adoption to the right family!

5/2/2022 Very sensitive pup, easy to train. Loves her people and will excel in agility or tracking? She will enjoy walks around the home, and possibly short hikes. This gal will enjoy camping with you and just being with her people.
Independent and wants to see and learn everything. Inquisitive and needs knowledge. Obedience training will come easy for this girl and she will love to be with a family or with a single family.

4/19/2022 At this time, I have decided that her personality, growth, temperament and what she will give to the breed in the future has dictated that I keep this girl for future breeding. *Pending 6 week deadline of course*

3/31/2022 This gal is very well proportioned, beautiful, dark gray sable that will lighten slightly. She will get to be around 125 to 130 in weight and will be girthy like her mom though proportionately so.

We will be keeping an eye on this gal for the time being. May keep. Black Silver wolf!

4/9/2022 She is truly coming out of her shell. Very quiet (she does talk a tiny bit on rare occasions), but when she smells food, or hears my voice, she gets up and her tail starts moving. She LOVES people and wants nothing more than to be in your arms or by your side.

Velcro pup that will do well with shorter hikes and going out on adventures. She will live being with you and greeting your friends. As a puppy, she will not want to be overwhelmed though and will need someone to show her what the world looks like and smells like.

Very willing to go anywhere, you just need to show her the way and how to act!

4/19/2022 I wanted to add some additional notes to this girl. She truly is taking on the thinker mentality. She is much more accustomed to lay against your shoulder and just be a part of your day. That doesn't mean she doesn't know how to boop you and nudge you to play, but with a calm hand, she will become accustomed to being velcro to you and looking for the next thing to do. More of the go get em' GS mentality, with ALL of the AA qualities. This pup would be great for someone that wants a "do it now" dog with a lot of, "wait around until you tell me".

4/17/2022 This little girl has began to think before boldly running wildly into the pack lately. Which for her, is good. She is a bold pup that is not afraid to check things out, but will need to be shown when to "wait" which she is innately doing at this moment.

She and the other have passed all testing with flying colors. None of them worries much when they are moved from their moms, and none mind lap therapy. This gal is a bit lighter and I am re-estimating her weight to be around 115 to 125 when grown and ears are all currently going up.

Health Record

3/24/2022 Born 925AM

Temperament Scores:
3/27/2022 9.7
4/17/2022 9.6
Worming: Nemex II
4/21/2022; 5/2/2022; 5/19/2022; 5/31/2022
5/5/2022; 5/19/2022 Duramune Max 5

3/27/2022 1.27 lbs (will be rechecked weight. I do not think this is accurate.)
3/27/2022 2.47 lbs (rechecked 4 times... lol)
4/2/2022 3.26 lbs
4/9/2022 5.09 lbs
4/17/2022 7.95 lbs
4/21/2022 9.2 lbs
5/2/2022 12.6 lbs
5/19/2022 19.4 lbs
5/31/2022 24.5 lbs

Photo Gallery

Melania 5/19/2022
May 19, 2022
Melania 5/19/22
Melania 4/24
4/24 Melania
Lucy's Black Female 2
April 3, 2022
Lucy's Black Female 3
Lucy's Black Female 1
Black Female 4/3/22
"Black Collar" Hours Old 3/24/2022


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