Alpine's "Rigatoni Ridge" Von Noodle

Rigatoni 2
Registration ID: NA4001-4
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: May 15, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Anastasia's "Noodle" Von Naga
Dam: Kip's "Alpine" Von Draygo
Litter: Noodle X Alpine 2022


Congratulations to William Matousekand family! We can't wait to see this boy grow up with you and your family!

5/15/2022 Large white chest and chin. Silver Sable up the legs.

5/20/2022 Correct Dire Wolf body/confirmation/girth and size. Not as wide as Lois would like. Medium/large bones.

Rear not as wide, thick tail with short base. Light up the legs w/solid black body. May be black and tan/silver. Long coat on neck, shorter on body.

5/25/2022 Eyes open.

6/5/2022 Malleable and settled once in his new environment. Quiet about things and a thinker. Most intelligent in the litter and catches on quickly. Independent. Needs to be molded at an early age. A little stubborn and he will have to learn as he grows. Will be a lap dog. Devoted to his family but standoffish. Accepting of people he knows and is introduced to.

6/16/2022 Perfect AA standards. Quiet, yet bold; aloof, yet velcro. This boy will be large and will know his size. He will be intimidating, and you MUST ensure that he is the best citizen if he is to go out in public! He will not know his size and with his yellow eyes, he will possibly scare those that are not "dog" people. You must be able to handle a large dog for this boy!

7/1/2022 Very confident pup. This boy will do well with direction and guidance, as he is confident and bold. Nothing truly bothers him, so slowing him down to get him to think will be a great focus for this guy!

I am super excited to see this beautiful boy grow and to hear updates from the family! He will ease right into the family and pets like he was already there!

Temperament Scores: - Read this page!

Birth to 3 days: 8
2.5 - 3 weeks: 9+
6 - 6.5 weeks: 9.2


5/15/2022 1.94 lbs
5/20/2022 2.6 lbs
5/23/2022 2.83 lbs
5/26/2022 3.60 lbs
6/13/2022 8.17 lbs
7/7/2022 20.6 lbs

Health Record

Nemex II: 6/9/2022, 7/7/2022

Safeguard 6/20 - 6/23

Duramune Max 5: 6/27/2022, 7/7/2022

Photo Gallery

Rigatoni 2
Toni Taking a Nap 6/19
Black Collar 6/13/2022
Alpine's Toni
Alpine's Black Collar Male 5/31/2022 2
5/31/2022 Black Collar 2 of 4
Alpine's Black Collar Male 5/31/2022 1
5/31/2022 Black Collar 1 of 4
Alpine's Black Collar Male 5/31/2022 3
5/31/2022 Black Collar 3 of 4
Alpines Black Collar
Black Collar
Alpine's Black Collar Male 5/31/2022 4
5/31/2022 Black Collar 4 of 4
5/25/2022 Black Collar
5/25/2022 Black Collar
5/15/2022 Alpines


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