Kip's "Alpine" Von Draygo

Kip's Alpine von Draygo Puppy
Registration ID: DK3001-7
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Oct. 24, 2020
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Pink
Sire: Saigon's Phantom Nighthawk von Boss "Draygo"
Dam: Yukon's Majestic Kluane "Kipp" von Anna
Litter: Draygo X Kipp 2020



8/21/2022 Its official! Congratulations to Amalee and family! I cant wait for her to make it to you guys and for the first pictures and stories of how she is doing!

8/16/2022 Alpine will be spayed and headed to her new home toward the end of September! I can't wait foe her new family to feel the joy I feel whenever I am with this beautiful girl.

She will have a new family and a baby to get to know and share her hugs with! I am simply over the moon to have the pleasure of sending my beautiful girl to them! I can't wait for pictures and stories as she grows up with their beautiful child and family moving forward!

*3/1/2022 In heat.

Birth Notes: Four socks, Blaze on nose and up stop. Black with Gold. White around eyes like the Boss. White chin.  White tip of tail. White belly. This pup has the red and yellow genes in her. 
11-24-20:  Standoffish at this age, but very easy to win over. Friendly enough. Intelligent, puts 2 and 2 together. figures things out.  Largest head of the females.  At this age she minds her own business. Is not a leader, nor follower. Does not strike out on her own. Long coat.
12-2-20:  Pinks are always the best looking females in my opinion. For a breeders bitch. This pup is no exception. Nice, girthy, long in body. Was a bit standoffish, but now she is a great pup. not too pushy, not to forward, not too friendly. Just right at this age. Another thinker in this litter.  Dogs are man's best friend because they mold easily into the clan or family. This pup is the laid back thinker of the females.
Doing well, gaining confidence. Eating hard kibbles, vitamins, oils, bone meal. Fifth pup out of the den 'so to speak'.  Was the most reserved. Coming up to me for food now. Is curious. THEREFOR... this pup needs lap therapy. When you get this pup, please do at least 4-5 lap therapy sessions a day. Training sessions should start out at 3 min, 5 min, 10 min... Stay at ten minutes or until the pup relaxes in your lap and starts to go to sleep.  Always reward the pup for 'relaxing' his body and falling asleep.. chicken, then go outside for potty and running. Only run about 3 mins.. Do not encourage over excited play!!  Do not pet this pup in a happy excited manner. Slow down. Massage the pup with a calm slow patting or rubbing of skin/coat. deep therapy rubs.  This pup is easy to train and easy to please. Will accept almost anyone she just needs a small bit of time, then she loves them all.

Prediction Litter: NOODLE X ALPINE

The following is a 'prediction' of what i think we shall get:

Why: Alpine and Noodle pups will add girth to the line.

Ears: Ears should be up on these pups though a few may be late risers.

Head: Proportioned and girthy. Females will be a bit more narrow like Alpine.

Eyes: Amber to yellow eyes.

Weight: 28 to 31 inches

Weight: 108 to 145

Feet: Large and thick

Coats: Medium length with heavy shed first year and yearly blowouts. Colors will lighten after the first shed on the dark/silver sables.

Color: Black and silvers and silver sables.

Temperament: Mild mannered and easy to get along with with cats, other dogs and families.

Health Record


October 2021 in heat.

March 1, 2022 in heat.

Aug 15th 2022 in

12/14/2020 Dhalp + CVK

12/25/2020 given to Amey for work done.

10/2/2021 Acquired Parvo from ?

10/3/2021 Parvo Oct 3-8th. Taken to vet. I.V. 2021. Doing well.

Nemex II 12/13/2020
Safeguard 6/20 - 6/23

Duramune Max 5: 12/27/2021

Photo Gallery

Kip's Alpine von Draygo Puppy
Kip's Alpine von Draygo Puppy Picture
Alpine and Lois
Alpine and Lois 10/2021
Alpine Feb 20222
Alpine My Wolf Girl 10/2021


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Rosie's Black Swan
Yukon's Majestic Kluane "Kipp" von Anna Yukon Hammer's Big Daddy "Boss" von Blossom
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Noodle X Alpine 2022

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

2-2-2022 Bethany Hand/Charlie Baker
2-19-2022 Kevin and Wendy Perera
2-22-2022 Ben and Josie Sheehan

6-5-2022 Angela Haar

4/19/2022 She is confirmed pregnant!!!

Bred with Noodle March 15th. 3 ties. April 19th 2022 notes:
Alpine x Noodle pups: T
hese pups will be energetic and more on the 'working' dog side of the spectrum. You will need to study up on how to train dogs. Most will be tall in height. I suggest that you get the pup trained immediately and spend time with this pup 24/7 for the first three months. A lot of German Shepherd dog going on here.

We are breeding this litter for us, for choosing the slanted eyes and the coat and feet and bones. Alpine is a KIP pup lineage and not an AA line. That white malamute husky breeding is a challenge to get behind us but with each 'next generation' we leave that behind. Pups will be F-4's. We need slanted eyes so we are choosing that over temperament. We may keep 2 or 3 of these pups to go forward with.
110 - 150 (Alpine is only about 108 lbs so some pups might be small).
Thick, long and medium coats. Some may have thick undercoats.
Loyal, devoted to family. Guard dog when needed but NEVER aggressive. Most will be friendly enough but not overly friendly. If we do have an overly friendly pup, the price will go way down. If we have a shy pup, price will drop.

These pups will need to be kept busy or given things to do as their minds will surpass most dogs you have owned. HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. They can and will win on any field. They will learn easily and quickly. READ MY HANDBOOK and do the work BEFORE the dog gets into its teenage years. Teach the pups young how to 'STAY' and be still... Down and stay will be your most important commands. We shall try to teach them this before they leave us.

If you need a service dog, these are the pups to look at.

If you like hiking or Jogging one of these pups might work for you. If you raise this pup with another dog, it will be that dogs companion for life.
Hyper pups should be about 2,000.00 each. 3 of these pups will be out of your reach as we need them to go forward with. 2-8 thousand.
Dark black Silver sables, Tri colors and Bi colors.. Black faces with YELLOW eyes. German Shepherd looking old style Am Alsatians. Drop dead gorgeous! Show stoppers. Almost dire wolves but too nice looking.

Large feet and heads.

Fettuccine 1
Alpine's "Fettuccine" Von Noodle

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Collar Color: None

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5/15/2022 Alpines
Alpine's "Rigatoni Ridge" Von Noodle

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