Alpine's "Gnocchi" Von Noodle

Gnocchi 1
Registration ID: NA4001-1
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: May 15, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Purple
Sire: Anastasia's "Noodle" Von Naga
Dam: Kip's "Alpine" Von Draygo
Litter: Noodle X Alpine 2022


Congratulations to Krystle/Bill and family! We can't wait to see this beautiful little guy grow up! He is a looker for sure and such a doll!

5/15/2022 Runt. Black with white chin/neck/throat and down to belly. White front socks and booties on back toes and white tip tail, white Blaze and black nose and skin.

5/20/2022 Dainty, feminine in structure, light bones. Conformation good for size. Nice rear and shoulders. Sweet pup. Easy going.

5/29/2022 Black sable, will be a show stopper, similar to Tiki.

6/5/2022 Stubborn, independent, wild one. Very friendly. Lap therapy is very good for this pup to learn calm and patience.

6/16/2022 This pup hasn't met a stranger yet. Beautiful and striking, a thinker and wants to be with his people. Not quite as large as his brothers, but that doesn't stop him. Inquisitive toward the horses, cats and other dogs. Will be great with children, other animals and families. Lap therapy will need to be a constant. You cannot wind these pups up! They are too smart and their minds are too busy! We must teach them how to be respectable citizens in society, as they will soon be large and will forget how big they are!

7/1/2022 This is the lover in the group. He would rather have love and not war. He is very sensitive and wants to please. He doesn't like getting in trouble and loves to just be near you.

You won't need a harsh voice with this boy, just a firm tone when he does things he shouldn't. He will take his life lessons harder than most and will loom for approval. :) loves to cuddle!

Temperament Scores: - Read this page!

Birth to 3 days: 8
2.5 - 3 weeks: 8.9
6 - 6.5 weeks: 9.2


5/15/2022 1.46 lbs
5/20/2022 1.86 lbs
5/23/2022 2.39 lbs
5/26/2022 2.92 lbs
6/5/2022 4.83 lbs
6/13/2022 7.12 lbs
7/7/2022 15 lbs

Health Record

Nemex II: 6/9/2022, 7/7/2022

Safeguard 6/20 - 6/23

Duramune Max 5: 6/27/2022, 7/7/2022

Photo Gallery

Gnocchi 1
Gnocchi 6/30
Gnocchi and Fucilli
Sleepy Pups
Purple Collar 1
PC 6/13
Purple Male
Alpine's Purple Collar Male 5/31/2022 1
5/31/2022 Purple Collar 3 of 3
Alpine's Purple Collar Male 5/31/2022 3
5/31/2022 Purple Collar 1 of 3
Alpine's Purple Collar Male 5/31/2022 2
5/31/2022 Purple Collar 2 of 3
Alpine's Purple
Purple Collar 5/15/2022


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