Neera's Klaytn Von Warleggen

Tron Klaytn Crypto and Unknown Booty
Registration ID: WN3002- 5
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: July 9, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Purple
Sire: Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin *Founders Male Standing at Schwarz Kennels*
Dam: Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera"
Litter: Warleggen X Neera 2022


600pm Male white chest, 4 white toes and silver leggings. Cream rogue cheeks and behind ears and under tail. (light purple)

7/26/2022 Intelligent thinker. LOVES to sleep! I have a feeling this boy is going to be someone's slow, easy going best friend when he is about 18 to 20 months. He has some energy to eat before everyone else and may be food driven (pretty rare for our dogs), but he is a thinker and will take the time to ready you and the things going on around him before falling asleep! Lol

8/9/2022 This boy is such a goober! He has a bit of air between his eyes... but only because he is thinking!!! He loves to look you in the eyes and think long, rumbly in the tumbly thoughts! He would like to sleep with you, watch TV with you, and really do things that don't require too much.

He is beautiful, a looker for sure, medium coat, softer than his brother Crypto's wiry coat and it will be slightly wavy like his mother. Certainly a pup that you can run your fingers through and enjoy just "being" with this boy. He will not be overly large, 125 or less, and he will be slower (would rather sleep than play), in that he won't be able to handle long walks and NO PLAYING with the big dogs for a while. He is going to be a slower grower, might be a bit picky of an eater during his growth slow downs. He will pick his appetite back up quickly though, and go on being the loving all around boy that you will fall in love with.

Will NOT like dog parks. He is sensitive pup. He wants his people, and family, not other dogs. :) Dire Wolf with a fantastic face/skull.

Don't train this boy to early. Needs to build confidence and take time to bond. Stay in your home with this boy for a while.

8/25/2022 Another boy in the group, but not being a big noise. He doesn't even mind if you don't see him, as long as he can be near you. Great personality, loves cuddles, long hair (will most likely be wavy like Stan Lee) and striking colors with just enough white spotting that everyone will stop when he goes by!

Very intelligent boy. He doesn't show it, but he is thinking. Would love a single or older kid family with not a lot of changes. He likes routine, but with a bit of a confidence boost going out and getting used to "new things", this boy will come out of his shell even more.

Remember that this boy will be LARGE! You must show him patience and calm now, before he gets ahead of you!

8/29/2022 With his long flowing mane and beautiful face, oh he is such a Crack up! This boy has personality and enjoys being the big man, even though he is a push over. Loves hugs and being in the lap, and enjoys spending time in the grass during a nice day just watching the wind shake the leaves and flowers.

Temperament Scores: Read this page!

Birth - 8.7 small
2 Weeks - 9.7 proportionate, but small. Might weigh 90 to 115?
6 Weeks - 9.7 No muss no fuss boy. Large and quiet.

Health Record


Nemex II 8/10/2022
SafeGuard - 8/28 - 9/3/2022 for Giardia and Worms

Albon - Cocci 9/3/22 - 9/6/2022


8/22/2022, 9/5/2022 Duramune Max 5


7/12/2022 .63 lbs
7/19/2022 2.0 lbs
7/28/2022 3.28 lbs
8/10/2022 7.4 lbs
8/22/2022 11.6 lbs

8/29/2022 15 lbs

9/5/2022 18 lbs

9/18/2022 22.4

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Tron Klaytn Crypto and Unknown Booty
Crypto and Klaytn
Crypto and Klaytn


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