Neera's Cardano Von Warleggen

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Cardano 8/16/22
Registration ID: WN3002- 8
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: July 9, 2022
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Orange
Sire: Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin *Founders Male Standing at Schwarz Kennels*
Dam: Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera"
Litter: Warleggen X Neera 2022


Congratulations to the Schnell family! This little girl gets to be a little sister to Boone from Sela X Naga!!

7/22/2022 Silver Sable female silver up legs and white back socks white chest tulip pink nose white tip tail brown color very quiet (orange collar)

7/26/2022 Much like her purple collar brother, this gal can sleep anywhere. She might be a bit on the smaller side (90 to 115 lbs full grown), she can sleep like the biggest guys.

Loves her food, but not pushy about it. Eats with vigor though! Great all around girl, a BEAUTIFUL looker of a pup. She will be a showstopper.

8/22/2022 Orange puppy though a bit of a character is quite sensitive. In new situations she becomes quiet and observant. She waits for you to let her know that she has made the right decision and that she is doing the right thing. She is quite Velcro and would prefer to be with you but you may find her wandering to investigate. It. A quick call and she will come back if started correctly. She loves her people.

8/25/2022 Similar to her sister Ethereum, this pup is fairly off the radar too. She is forward in that she is with the main group of pups and wants to be noticed, she is NOT the front runner. She is a character and can show her playful side, but can be serious and can be very quiet and laid back. Compact, smaller but showstopper of a pup in overall dimensions as well as color.

8/29/2022 Bold, sensitive, adoring pup. Velcro, yet independent. This pup will follow you and do exactly what you ask when you ask, but when given the chance, she will smell the roses for a few moments. She will come back to you though when she is done and look for your attention. She enjoys lap therapy and time with you. Medium length coat when she gets older with yellow eyes and up ears and she will be around 95 to 115 lbs at full growth.

Great family pup, kids or no kids and will do well with a solo person as well. Just a great pup all around.

Temperament Scores: Read this page!

Birth - 9.2
2 Weeks - 9.8
6 Weeks - 9.8

Health Record


Nemex II 8/10/2022

SafeGuard - 8/28 - 9/3/2022 for Giardia and Worms

Albon - Cocci 9/3/22 - 9/6/2022

8/22/2022, 9/5/2022 Duramune Max 5


7/12/2022 1.02 lbs
7/19/2022 2.0 lbs
8/27/2022 3.66 lbs
8/10/2022 8 lbs
8/22/2022 12.2 lbs

8/29/2022 15 lbs

9/5/2022 18.4

Photo Gallery

Cardano 8/16/22
Cardano 8 16 22
Cardano Aug 16
Solana Aug 16 2022


Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin *Founders Male Standing at Schwarz Kennels* Quentin Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Shenanigan's Dorian Von Boss
Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera" Ashley's "Naga" von Buck Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss
Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss Boss Big Daddy
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