Neera's Crypto Von Warleggen

Crypto 2022 8/16
Registration ID: WN3002- 9
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: July 9, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin *Founders Male Standing at Schwarz Kennels*
Dam: Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera"
Litter: Warleggen X Neera 2022


Congratulations to Emily and Jeremy! I am SO excited to see this boy grow up! He is simply stunning and I can't wait to see how his coat turns out!

9:28pm Male dark silver sable, dark tips on ears and leggings with silver ticking.

7/26/2022 This boy is bold, independent and has a voice to tell you when he doesn't think you should be bothering him! New people that are not supposed to be around, are notified by his alerting, that they have been seen. Independent yet looking to his people to ensure he is doing the right thing. Needs a solid family/owners that knows dogs and how to best support them to be settled in the here and now.

Lap therapy and an experienced owner to handle a large dog will be needed. He will be very velcro to his family when he settles in. :)

8/9/2022 Still an amazing boy! This boy is growing a bit slower than his siblings, but he is solid, so I expect him to do more growing around, than up at this point. This boy is very much like his father in that he will progress slowly, and pack on the pounds and rigidity of stature after he is 14 to 16 months old. Wiry, shorter coat with silver ticking and black undercoat.

8/16/2022 Took the day in stride. All of the puppies walked 60 ft for the first time to the grass in the front yard. Crypto was the second puppy to be on my heels and though he got tired quickly, he really tried to keep up!
Very intelligent boy. Slowing down a bit now, but will need those reminders that life isnt a race, it is a paced event. Reminders of this with lap therapy and quiet sessions next to you or in your lap will reinforce this.
Amazing coat! Slightly rough texture, and silver all the ay through. This boys ears will be up and he will be striking.
Like his father, he will not peak until around 16 to 18 months old. Lighter boned, but solid in structure and confirmation.

8/25/2022 Growing like a week in intellect. Very smart boy, and is catching on quickly that watching and patience will get him the most attention. Never pushy, though very happy to see you when you have a moment. Velcro, cuddly and this boy will be your movie watcher, couch potato if he thinks you'll let him. He loves to look at you and assess what you're thinking, and what you will do next!

8/29/2022 Fantasric personality. Very confident, highly intelligent and a people pleaser. Velcro, loves being with you and an easy to train pup. This boy is sensitive. Keep an eye on your body language, as he will easily pick up on what is going on, changes in your tone and he will pout when he gets reprimanded, so pay attention to your level of reprimand. :) give him time to think about what your asking the first few times and he will pick things up quick!

Temperament Scores: Read this page!

Birth - 10
2 weeks - 8.2
6 weeks - 9.4

Health Record


Nemex II 8/10/2022
SafeGuard - 8/27 -9/2/2022 for Cocci and Giardia as well as Worms


8/22/2022, 9/5/2022 Duramune Max 5


7/12/2022 1.01 lbs
7/19/2022 2.33 lbs
7/28/2022 4.23 lbs
8/10/2022 7.4 lbs
8/22/2022 12.6 lbs

8/29/2022 16.6 lbs

9/5/2022 18.4 lbs

Photo Gallery

Crypto 2022 8/16
Crypto and Klaytn
Tron Klaytn Crypto and Unknown Booty
Crypto and Klaytn


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