Needles Kaer Morhen Von Pepper

Registration ID: PN3001-3
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: July 16, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Dark Green
Sire: Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston
Dam: Anastasia's "Needle" Von Naga *Founders Female Standing at Schwarz Kennels*
Litter: Pepper X Needle 2022


8/30/2022 Congratulations to Bobby!!! Another pup in NY! I can't wait until you get this boy in your hands. He is simply a doll.

Sm. Green collar. black silver sable. good head. 4 w/toes. narrow head. girth between ears. black dorsal and points. blk nose. w/chin sm. N/w tip.

This is a comfortable lap pup. easy going and lovable. standoffish enough, loves comfort. Blk points too much stop between head/muzzle.

8-20-22: This is a very nice easy going pup. Quick to learn and a thinker. Second out of the den and could be a bit dominant in his litter towards his brothers at this age. Not shy, investigative enough, yet stands back to assess the situation at this age. When he hears it is me, he is up front for food. Loves chicken, canned foods. Not so crazy over kibbles. Is a meat eater.

Large shoulders and short neck. Ears should go up. Dire Wolf looking Should have yellow eyes or gold. As he matures he will be a stallion of a male Dire Wolf.

Temperament is all around, friendly enough for an AA. Not overly friendly and not shy.

Health Record


Nemex II - 8/30/2022


Duramune Max 5 - 8/30/2022 - 9/19/2022

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Should I eat? Lol
I'm cute, right? 8/24/22


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