Pepper X Needle 2022

Birth Date: July 16, 2022

About the Litter (F3 American Alsatian)


6-5-2022 Angela Haar

6/24/22 Confirmed pregnant!!

First pup born this morning at around 6am. She has had 10 puppies so far, and surprise! Some of them are Laddie's!

Lois's first litter of Fox Project are now on their way!

Prediction of Needle X Pepper 1st litter of pups :

WEIGHT: 80 - 150 lbs. A variety of sizes. See the pedigree. There may be a few pups on the small side. 65 - 80 lbs?

EYES: light brown/amber to yellow

EARS: All erect (up) ears. Some ears going up at 6 wks with the largest pups ears up at about a year old?

COATS: Coats should all be Dire Wolf coats of medium length with longest guard hairs on shoulders. Some coats short coated reflecting Mastiff (winston) grandfather off Peppers side. Most will be an intermediate. 2 males might have longish coats. a few might have some whiskers but should be only a small amount making the dog look more dire wolfish in my opinion. None should be Irish Wolfhound looking with that long wiry coat. Remember that Naga and Winston (mastiff f-1) are the grandparents.

TEMPERAMENTS: All pups will be companion dogs, lovable, on a scale of bold to more reserved. Some will be investigative and more outgoing than i like, but with the sensitivity of their emotions and wanting to do no wrong, it will all balance itself out. If the grandfathers push through in some of the pups you will have a bit stubborn and wanting to do for themselves as youngsters. Train accordingly. Pepper is submissive and easy but with the mastiff zoomies when happy but this can be trained down in him so i have no concerns of this in the pups. Needle was the most forward and bold pup in her litter so you will have some bold independent pups which some people like.

What kind of people will fit these pups? Intermediate dog trainers to professional dog trainers will be the most happy, just remember these are still NOT working dogs. Those that have never had a dog before, well, there may be one or two pups to fit you also. Energetic middle of the road folks. There may be one or two for a slower paced family. Pepper was chosen for his intelligence and good wire coat wolf look. He has a long line of ugly intelligent dogs in his pedigree, lol.

PRICE: 2,800 to 4,800? depending on the size of the litter. I only want/need to keep one. Amey may want one and Jen might want one? No crystal ball.

COLOR: Color will range from creams with black points; silver sables with black masks and points; and you might have a sable/tan? Those with light pigments will be sold cheaper. Hyper barking pups will be sold cheap but we never have any of those. But you never know.

WHY: Why breed these two? 1.) This is Needles first heat and I only wanted to use a stud that was gentle yet firm and knew what he was doing as well as being a proven stud. 2.) Needle was the smallest pup in her litter, but grew to be larger than Anastasia her mom. sheesh, who'd a thought? I never want to rape my bitches so i use a stud that will make the experience a nice one. I felt this was the right male for her first litter. I do plan on keeping her after this litter if she wishes to be a momma more times.

Litter size: 10

Notes: Most of you will remember that i chose Needle for the Fox project. I am still working on using her when the time is right. Laddie boy is unproven, sensitive and not smart in being a stud dog as of yet. So he gets a lot of practice with our females first. He is still learning.


Prediction Litter: LADDYBOY X NEEDLE

Why: I am very excited about adding a 'Collie' to my 30 yr long dire wolf project, though we will be shifting out of the Dire Wolf project and into the 'Fox Project'. A lot of folks have wanted me to do this. Folks liking the smaller fluffy cuddly dog breeds and what is better than the look of a fox? Some of the pups may go back into the dire wolf project, we shall see what we get. I am over the moon with LaddyBoy btw, i never expected this right out of the chute.. to get a breed of dog that is not spazo hyper? I have groomed Collies and have liked them, well, all but the hair/coat. Way over board with that stuff. They were ALL very well behaved but i thought that might be environmental and training. Had I known that a working breed such as a collie would fit the bill, i may not have ever created the dire wolf Am Alsatians. So, i am excited to see what we will get.

The following is a 'prediction' of what i think we shall get

Ears: all pups WILL have erect ears

Head: Not a dire wolf head as narrow is dominate over wide. Med is what you will get, an inbetween.

Eyes: I am hoping for slanted eyes. Brown eyes and some light brown. Sorry, no yellows yet...

Hight: Smaller than the dire wolves. 20-24 ?

Weight: 85-100 lbs

Feet: small and oval in shape

Tail: All tails will be hooked as well as slightly curled.

Coats: Coats will be thicker than new born collies and will fluff out into a puppy coat before the guard hairs come in. At about 3 or 4 months of age, the guard coats will start popping up through the baby fluff making the dogs look darker. Puppy coats will be light cream with a tinge of gold/yellow highlights

Conformation: FANTASTIC

Color: Reds/Golds/Sables and maybe some tri black and tans? one? All pups should be sables even though the Collies are what is called a solid color. Black tipped guard hairs.. Black and white tipped tails. Black inverted V sent gland marking on tails. Black masks and no masks. Black tips of all extremities. White stockings on all four feet. White bibs and some White collars. White blazes up some faces.

Temperament: FANTASTIC and wicked smart. too smart for most folks.. very insightive. watchful.

Notes: What i am thinking we will get is a fantastic litter of highly intelligent pups, thinkers, and we even might not have hyper pups! The females will probably be a bit screwy as most females are ... too playful for me but not for a family, sheesh, i am an old gal, i need quiet pups... but i do think some of these pups are going to AMAZE me..Thinkers all of them.

July 5th 2022 notes ON NEEDLE

Getting ready to whelp next week on the 15th or there abouts. She is doing as she is told, going without a leash on, into the house and into the closet for her training up to her whelping. She remembered the routine. She is in the back yard close to the house and my everyday training is paying off as she is maturing. Turing into a very nice dog. I am hoping that she will be a great mom. We tried her with Laddy Boy but he was not old enough though she tried to teach him. She stays with him in a large kennel and they are buds. I want to try Laddy once again after this litter. If he still doesn't know what to do and she doesn't get p.g., then we shall go ahead and sell her and use her daughter or another gal to go forward with the Fox Project. I am hoping they breed. I have waiting patiently...

Needle's Geralt Rivia Von Pepper
For Sale - $3000.00

Sex: Male
Collar: Blue

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Needle's Hexer von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar: White

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Needles Kaer Morhen Von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar: Dark Green

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Red Collar Needle Pepper
Needle's Plotka Roach von Pepper
For Sale - $3000.00

Sex: Male
Collar: Red

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Needles Yennifer Vengerberg Von Pepper

Sex: Female
Collar: Pink

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