Pebbles Paxton Von Pepper

For Sale: $4800.00

Registration ID: PP3001-3
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 6, 2022
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Yellow
Sire: Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston
Dam: Vallecito's Little Bo Peep "Pebbles"
Litter: Pepper X Pebbles 2022


9/30/2022 Curious boy, large and enjoys his people time. Whines when he wants things, but when he figures out what he wants, he settles quickly. Great eater, food motivated. Family pup, needs training early. Velcro, loves his people.

9/18/2022 Hard to notate pups at this age, as their main interest is eating and pooping, but this guy is laid back, nothing bothers he yet and he is inquisitive. Eyes are open first, and he is interested in what is new around him. (I REALLY like this boy so far... he isn't the right color for our Dire Wolf, but sometimes you keep an eye on the other things.)

9/9/2022 This pup is a mover. Moves to mom, moves to sounds,over to be near things. Velcro?

9/6/2022 934 pm male brown nose, 1.34 lbs black Silver sable. Drinking by 944. Most silver pup.

Striped legs.

Health Record


9/6/2022 1.34 lbs

9/9/2022 1.51 lbs

9/12/2022 1.99 lbs

9/12/2022 2.6 lbs

9/30/2022 5.46 lbs

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