Vallecito's Little Bo Peep "Pebbles"

Registration ID: TR2003-2
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 22, 2021
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Purple
Sire: Yukon's Tutchone "Tudor" Von Anna
Dam: Ashley's Rhae-gal "Razar" Von Buck
Litter: Tudor X Razar 2021


Birth Notes on Pebbles

Temperament Tests:

Prediction Litter: Pepper X Pebbles

Why: The biggest reason you breed with smaller first (Pepper) is because it is the bitches first time. You want to look for a male that is experienced and gentle as well as a male you know she is friendly with.

The following is a 'prediction' of what i think we shall get

Ears: All up

Head: These heads will vary slightly as this is an F3 outcross litter from a smaller F2 Mastiff male who weighs 101 lbs (father of this male is 195). One or two will have the broad, Dire Wolf skull, the rest will be more on the narrow side, but noses will be short as they should be, so they will offset the head.

Eyes: Yellow

Height: 26" to 28"

Weight: 92 to 135 lbs

Feet: Smaller. We will choose the largest and broadest feet to move forward.

Tail: Perfect length per standards.

Coats: Long guard hairs with soft undercoat. Black ticking in the mane of the coat and possible dark razor stripe down the back of a few of the pups from the Mastiff background.

Conformation: 10 these pups will be compact and solid.

Color: Silver Wolf Gray

Temperament: These pups will be forward and happy. Experienced owners needed, as they will be highly intelligent and will need repetition and early training (as do all dpgs.... but because these guys will not be very tall, they will be solid. Keeping them respectful and knowing their size will be necessary.)


Olivia P. :)

Health Record


Nemex II 10/9/2021, 10/23/2021, 11/6/2021, 11/15/2021

Panacur 11/15/2021

Neopar 11/06/2021, 11/16/21

Neovac DA2 11/15/2021

10/27/2022 Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L F7DB

Photo Gallery

Pebbles 3/28/2022
Pebbles 3/28/22
Pebbles 1/12/2022
Pebbles giving me side eye! LoL
Pebbles 2022


Yukon's Tutchone "Tudor" Von Anna Yukon Boss Big Daddy
Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Vega "Vegas"
Ashley's Rhae-gal "Razar" Von Buck Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont Rocks Fremont Street Von Vegas
Belatrix Lastrange Von Merlin
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Shenanigan's Dorian Von Boss


Warleggen X Pebbles 2023

About the Litter (American Alsatian F3)


Pebbles and Warleggen Pups: This is a litter specifically to pull down the tail on Pebbles, enlarge the feet and build thickness in the pups. Only F3's, and with direct lines from the Malamute and Mastiff lineage on both, there

Coat color, eyes and ears: Yellow eyes, up ears and pups will be born dark and lighten up. There will be silver sables and some dark silver sables, some with goggles.

Coats: Double coated, medium coats. 2 full blow outs spring/early summer and late fall of each year. They will lose their puppy coats the first spring blow out they have. Coats will lighten up over the first time.

Weight: Males will be 125 to 160 and females will be 85 to 105.


All pups will lighten as they get larger. Slow to grow with 4 growth spurts before they are 1 year old!

Price: (Our average pricing is $3,800)

Pepper X Pebbles 2022

About the Litter (American Alsatian)


These pups are more active/working than our typical AA. (When compared to AA's, never other breeds!) These pups can do small hikes, possible service work. (We do NOT breed working dogs!!)

9/6/2022 843 PM first pup born. So large she had difficulty. GREAT mom. Super attentive, cleans them well and took Leloo's puppies on when we found out Leloo didn't have milk.

9/6/2022 Okay... lol, this gal plans on having the pups pay rent! As God plans, they will come when they come and as sperm can live inside the bitch for up to or more than 5 days, the due date isn't always 63 days from the tie as we are finding out here!

8/26/2022 Pebbles (Razar X Tudor) is inside getting bathed, brushed and enjoying the A/C as we wait another week for her puppies.
All puppies will be silver wolf gray with yellow eyes and up ears. They will be forward and 70 percent will be happy, forward and will need experienced owners. (You need to know routine and repetition as these pups will be smart as whips and ready to do for you. We don't breed working dogs, but some of these will have the drive to do this being outcrosses).
If you're looking for a smaller (largest males might get to 135) but solid silver gray Dire Wolf that looks more like a gray wolf with heavy bones with mane and guard hairs that are black tipped, be sure to get on the interested list!
If you aren't on the waiting list, you can do so at our website.
*note the Anticipated Litters tab for the AMAZING Leloo X Ironheart litter too! Extra large, yellow eyes, up and semi up ears and stunning ight even have a few reds which we do not keep... if you're not on the lists, and you don't let us know you're ready, we won't know!
Have a great weekend!

About Pebbles:

Pebbles is a sweet, forward, slightly stubborn female that wants to make everyone happy. She holds the better parts of Tudor in that she doesn't hold his reservations. She is more bold, but bold in a confident way.

This breeding will do a few things as shown below, but the biggest, is that it will help cut down on the massive undercoat this gal has from the Malamute out-crossing done with the Giant Malamute Rainier in the early 2010's.

We will be looking for the largest male or female, dark, harsh coat (as we want to get away from the fluffy/cottony undercoat that does not match breed standards), black tipped guard hairs and yellow slanted eyes with heavy bones.

WEIGHT: 105 (females) to 150 (males)

EARS: Amber to yellow eyes with high possibility of up ears by 11 months.

COATS: Coats should all be Dire Wolf coats of medium length with longest guard hairs on shoulders.

TEMPERAMENTS: All pups will be companion dogs, lovable, on a scale of bold to more reserved.

PRICE: Remember that large dogs are babies for a long time and mature at 2 - 3 yrs. 2,800 to 7,800?

COLOR: Color will range from silver to dark sables with masks.

WHY: First and foremost, Pebbles first litter needed to be with a male that was experience, yet small. Pepper though not the intended male, is an execptional choice.

Pebbles has a very thick, medium length coat that comes from her father Tudor. It is cotton underneath, yet her guard hairs are long and coarse as they should be.

By breeding her to Pepper, we will eliminate much of the thick undercoat that makes it hard for her to shed, and will give way to longer guard hairs and a lighter undercoat.

Very Dire Wolf in coat. Some pups will be on the shorter height range, but bones will be solid. Confirmation will be solid and equal in length and height.

We will be picking the darkest pup with black tips on the guard hairs, the most slanted eyes, yellow in color and the straightest tail to move forward. Pebbles will be bred to her intended match after this, UNLESS she and Pepper give us a unicorn. :)

Litter size: 6-9

Pebbles Paxton 12_26_22 (1)
Pebbles Paxton Von Pepper
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Sex: Male
Collar Color: Yellow

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