Pebbles Agate Rhode "Rhoda" Von Onyx

For Sale: $1200.00

Registration ID: OP4002-2
Breed: American Alsatian F4
Birth Date: April 21, 2023
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Pink
Sire: Sela's Okra Von Naga "Onyx"
Dam: Razar's "Pebbles" Von Tudor
Litter: Onyx X Pebbles 2023


1/29/24 After her puppies are 8 weeks, she will be looking for her forever home! She will be trained on the leash, crate trained and potty trained. She is a great girl that would love longer walks or even short jogs, but could just as easily hang out around the house!

6/10/23 Typically, we would make our decision on the puppies we are keeping before 6 weeks, but in the case of this litter, I have allowed those on the list to have enough time to make their decisions. I have now made my decision and will be keeping two females. This is one of them. She is being kept for her polite manners and her brindling. We need the Onyx lines and this girl has the underlying color that we need moving forward.

6/2/23 Velcro as they come. This girl would LOVE to be with you. Soft, sweet, loves lap therapy. Easy to train, doesn't shy at new things and food motivated at this time.

5/29/23 Short coat, brindled legs, tri silver not large enough for breeder. First out of the den. Nice family pup.

Pebbles litter #2 out of Onyx and Stan Lee whelped on 4/21-23 Female


Fantastic pup. good coat. Has the genes for dire wolves. We only needed 2 pups out of this bitch so the rest of the pups need to be placed up for sale even though they are fantastic. I am not going to give them away though. We need to feed the dogs and pay the licenses etc... This is a fair price for a dire wolf F-4

If I find anything that is not of our Standards, then the price will drop.


Friendly and forward. Intelligent and Velcro. This pup is more on the 'working' side of life. She would be able to be a personal service dog, sugar or heart monitor dog or seizure dog. She would not work as hard and long nor fast enough to be a search and rescue dog. She will not come in at first place in agility. She would like short walking trips, camping, short hikes. She would NOT like competition with other dogs such as strange dogs. None of my dogs would like strange dogs as it is not a canine thing to just go up to any dog that she doesn't know. It is not etiquette in the dog world, so no dog parks. She would not mind being friends with YOUR animals and YOUR kids etc. She is a very nice pup and should last you up to 13 or 14 years of good health and devotion.

If she barked, you would need to get up and look as she is not a barker.

As all pups, they can MOLD into what ever you make of them. She can handle gun shots, thunder, storms, winds and noisy kids as long as you don't THROW it at her. Teach her and train her while young. Show her everything as she is in your lap do NOT throw her to the wolves and expect her to not be harmed mentally. No dog should go through such a thing. Lap therapy and proper education from her dog parents will make her a very special pup for your family. She can be a wonderful addition to your family.

Health Record

5/24/23 Nemex II

Duramune Max 5
6/13/23, 6/30/23, 8/23/23

Photo Gallery

Red Collar 5/19 2023 Pebbles X Onyx
Pebbles X Onyx Red Collar 5/20/23
Red Collar 5/20/2023 Pebbles X Onyx
Red Collar 5/20 Pebbles X Onyx


Sela's Okra Von Naga "Onyx" Ashley's "Naga" von Buck Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss
Trixy's "Sela Red Dog" Von Capone The Boss's "Capone" Von Vegas
Belatrix Lastrange Von Merlin
Razar's "Pebbles" Von Tudor Yukon's Tutchone "Tudor" Von Anna Yukon
Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss
Ashley's Rhae-gal "Razar" Von Buck Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss


Lono X Rhoda 2024

About the Litter (F5 American Alsatian)

What we will get:

Coat color, eyes and ears: Up ears and yellow eyes. Girthy males with medium to long coats. All pups "should" have brindling.

Coats: Medium to Long

Weight: 95 - 118 lbs Females, Males up to 145

Height: 28 to 31 inches

Temperaments: Between 8 and 9 Temperament Scores

Price: $3,500 and up.