Fusilli's "Polly" Von Onyx

Registration ID: OSF5001-6
Breed: F5 American Alsatian
Birth Date: April 22, 2023
Sex: Female
Sire: Sela's Okra Von Naga "Onyx"
Dam: Alpine's "Fusilli" Von Noodle
Litter: Onyx X Fusilli 2023


11/12/23 Squirly, happy friendly pup. Wants to live i side your body and be your best friend. She will give hugs like her mom Fusilli as long as you let her. HIGHLY i telligent. Eyes aren't as yellow as wel want, but we will get this when she breeds with Lono.

6/13/23 Very intelligent pup. Color is great on this pup, energy is a bit much, so we will settle that down in her pups later on. She reminds me a LOT of her dad Onyx in color/stature.

6/2/23 We will decide tomorrow if we are keeping this gal, or Pink. It's a CLOSE call, as we are going for color. Great pup, could go with family, kids, cats, or with a single home. She loves attention, loves to play at this age and with early training, she will catch on quickly how to be a productive member of society and a beautiful Dire Wolf!

5/27/23 Dire Wolf. Dark, silver ticking, silver leggings (dark when born) and yellow eyes up ears. This gal is impressive.

5/23/23 I am very impressed with this gal. Very smart, inquisitive, a bit forward, but not the leader of the pack by any means. Temperament is a 9.5. Might still keep her? She will do well with a family, other animal, kids, etc. She will be easy to train, she wants to please.

5/12/23 very independent and stubborn black silver sable with slight brindle and tan up the legs. Temperament 8 because she is standoffish. She is going to need kid gloves. Socialization is necessary to all things. She will be cautions of things, so take time and show her in your arms. Leash at all times to ensure she doesn't take over and test you. Someone with training experience. Medium long coat. She is very intelligent. Smaller family or someone that can't. Lois estimates 70 lbs

5/1/2023 As this gal has gotten older, along with the rest of her siblings, she has gotten quieter. She is starting to think and not react first.

4/24/2023 Whiny, loud when she is looking for mom. Knows were everything is, intelligent, but talks about it.

4/22/2023 10:26 pm Born not breathing. Easy massage had her breathing in seconds. I think she was just tired from being last/in the longest. Might be a Stan Lee pup. Found mom immediately.

Health Record

Heat Cycle: 1/1/24


NemexII - 5/12/23, 6/3/23, 6/24/23


6/4/23, 6/19/2023 Duramune Max 5

4/22/2023 1.01 lbs

5/1/2023 1.9 lbs

5/3/2023 2.28 lbs

5/12/23 3.8 lbs

6/12/23 13 lbs

Photo Gallery

No Collar Female Fusilli X Onyx 5/20


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Lono X Polly 2024

About the Litter (F4 American Alsatian)

Polly did not get pregnant in December like we had hoped. It was Korbin's first time, so I do not believe he knew what he was doing. We will breed Polly with Lono this time to gain the dark/brindling and dark silver sables that will look like what we believe the Dire Wolf looked like.

Both dogs are compact and thick, large bones, large heads and manes/long coats on their shoulders and down their backs.

What we will get:

Coat color, eyes and ears: Up ears, yellow eyes, a few possible light yellow. Males will have large heads.

Coats: Med and Long

Weight: 95 - 118 lbs, males might get slightly larger.

Height: 26 to 29 inches

Temperaments: Between 8 and 9 Temperament Scores

Price: $2,800 and up. (Dependent on litter size)


4-2-2022 Tyler Bryant
8/24/23 Jennie Matilla