Elsie's "Lark Cray" Von Stan Lee

Registration ID: SE3002-4
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 3, 2023
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Neera's "Stan Lee" Von Tudor
Dam: Stella's "Elsie" Von Winston
Litter: Stan Lee X Elsie 2023


10/14/2023 Mouthy boy, but very nice. Confirmation is a 9.8. Solid male. Loves his people and watches you wherever you go. Very observant. Nothing bothers him, and he is confident in himself. Willing to please and will be easy to train. Will do well in all settings, with children and other animals.

10/6/23 Dark boy finally growing into his own. Still verbal and tell you when and where he is, but solid male. Still watching this guy. He won't be as big, but very Boss looking boy.

9/26/23 Mouthy boy. Beautiful. Dark silver with silver up legs. No stop, keeper pup.

9/13/23 Large silver sable with silver up legs 2.63 quiet boy. Too busy finding food to be bothered by much right now!

9/9/23 Another solid male. Large feet, black nose, heavy bones and quiet pup. Confirmation 10 at this time.
Birth to 3 day old temperament test: 8.8

Health Record

9/17/2023 3.16 lbs
10/22/23 17.6 lbs

Duramune Max 5 -
11/22/23 - 12/5/23
NemexII 9/26/23, 10/16/2023

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