Elsie's "Luna Clara" Von Stan Lee

Registration ID: SE3002-5
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 3, 2023
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Yellow
Sire: Neera's "Stan Lee" Von Tudor
Dam: Stella's "Elsie" Von Winston
Litter: Stan Lee X Elsie 2023


Congratulations to Kay and Rob! This little girl has amazing parents! I love that you guys are so close, and thank you so much for everything you are. I can't wait to see her blossom.

4/4/24 Beautiful girl looking for her family. She loves attention, would love to go hiking, or just lounge around the house. She is more active and will do great with other animals and families. She prefers to be inside and with people. Not a kennel dog :)

2/6/24 Very friendly female. Velcro and loves her people. She will do well in a home that has time to teach her obedience and manners and would do well with either an active, or a laid back home.

She is forward and can do longer walks and even a small bit of jogging, but not for long or very fast.

She will love the water, camping or just hanging out!

12/4/23 Learns from watching in your lap!! Luna is a very intelligent puppy. She constantly checks back in with me to see if what is going on is appropriate. Would make a great service dog with the right owner. Could be a scent tracking dog again, with the right owner and the right training. Highly intelligent, but very velcro. She will not get far away without checking back in with you. Train this girl right, and she will be an amazing companion. Rough house with her, play games with her, teach her to fetch, and you will create a German shepherd! You must remind this dog that her job is to be a companion. She wants to be a companion, she does not want to play, run around, romp, get into trouble, she wants to be a good girl. (Not a forward dog)

11/2/23 Coming out of her shell finally. She is a very sweet girl. Sensitive, doesn't need a lot of reminders when she is being silly to settle down. Not up to AA standards, these pups will need a lot of socialization.Shee will be a great pup when trained. Reserved, but highly intelligent. Individual, one on one training will work best for these guys.

10/14/23 In the shy stage right now. They don't know the world around them outside the den, so lap therapy starts now. First out of the den to see me though, so forward/bold pup, she just needs to gain confidence outside of what she knows everyday. This girl is a watcher, she will be the one that for the time being, will watch what happens before heading into the fray.
Tonight, nails trimmed, heard tv and loud noises, saw Winston (a HUGE dog) and was a very quiet/patient listener with everything around her.
Tomorrow, she will start 2 to 5 minute crate training while I let the kittens come up to her crate and run vacuums.
Highly intelligent and aware, non hyper, laid back.
Temperament: 8.3 right now at 6 weeks.

10/6/23 Solid, large easy going pup. She doesn't like loud noise and busy commotion. She likes the slower softer life. Would be great with kids, farm, city, anything as long as she is near you. Not velcro, more of a watch from the corner/living room type pup, but a lover for sure.

9/30/23 Very soft female. Doesn't need a lot of commotion. She likes the quiet and time to think. Loves lap therapy and will be velcro.

9/26/2023 Reserved female right now. Large and doesn't want to do anything but eat and sleep.

9/13/23 reverse sable with silver up legs 2.57 very large girl. Solid.

9/9/23 Thick female. A bit noisy at this time. Could be the heat today, as they are already outside. I will move them to their den run tomorrow.
Birth to 3 day old temperament test: 8.5

Health Record

9/17/2023 3.10 lbs
9/30/23 5.36 lbs
10/14/23 11.8 lbs

Duramune Max 5 -

11/22/23, 12/5/23
NemexII 9/26/23, 10/16/2023

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