Kip's "Tiki" Azteca Von Draygo *Founders Female Standing at Schwarz Kennels*

Registration ID: DNK3001-2
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Oct. 24, 2020
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Saigon's Phantom Nighthawk von Boss "Draygo"
Dam: Yukon's Majestic Kluane "Kipp" von Anna
Litter: Draygo X Kipp 2020


*If you are interested in knowing more about this female, or her upcoming puppies see here: Schwarz Kennels - Tiki

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Kayla Exum

Stacy Gee

Notes on Tiki:

8/2021 In heat. Bred with Warleggen. No pregnancy.

2/2/2022 Tiki in heat. In with Noodle but dont think Noodle was ready. She should be back in heat in July/August.

6/7/2022 In heat. Bred to Pepper 6/7, 6/8, 6/9 and 6/10. Due 8/7-8-11

Birth: Is this pretty easy going right here? This looks like a keeper.
Not as laid back as Blu Apache but i don't need a laid back dog in this pup. I want a solid stud with some go power. We shall continue watching this boy.
11-24-20: Found out this guy was a girl last week. Not a forward outgoing pup. Standoffish but not shy. Takes her time to think. Is LEARNING and paying attention to things. looks like she also has slanted eyes and no stop. I shall wait until the six week mark to choose my breeder keepers.
12-1-20:  Put this pup in with Sela since her pups are all gone. Kip is also gone to new home.

They are all doing well and eating good.  This pup is now coming forward. Knows where the food comes from. Thinking of keeping this pup of course. Coat is getting fluffier.

Tiki Easy Going.jpg

Health Record


Nemex II 11/14/2020, 12/3/2020
Duramune Max 5 - 12/27/2021

Photo Gallery

Tiki 3
Tiki Yellow Eyes
Tiki 3
tiki eyes
Tiki the Looker
tiki plate
tiki laying down
black femalekipxdraygo pup
Tiki Pup
Tiki Pup


Saigon's Phantom Nighthawk von Boss "Draygo" Boss Big Daddy Nadine's Blade Runner "Hammer Down"
Blossom's Stormy River (Sina)
Swan's Saigon Von Finn Booker T/Moody Blue
Rosie's Black Swan
Yukon's Majestic Kluane "Kipp" von Anna Yukon Boss Big Daddy
Vegas's "Anastasia" von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Vega "Vegas"


Warleggen X Tiki 2023

About the Litter (American Alsatian F-3)


10-16-2021 Mandy Erasmus

2-22-2022 Ben and Josie Sheehan

5-21-2022 Sarah Hixson

8/27/2022 Tiki and Warleggen have always been best buds, so Tiki is in with him and will be so from here on out (or until she tires of him! Lol)

She plays with him and gives him crap and the next time I see them sleeping together, hopefully I'll have my phone on me so I can get a picture!

I cant wait for these pups. :)

8/7/2022 Unfortunately, Tiki seems to have either had a false pregnancy, or absorbed her puppies. We are not sure, but she does not have milk and shows no sogns of being pregnant. As she has had a false pregnancy before, this could be the case again. Lois will decide if she will be trying to breed her again on her next heat.

6/2022 Bred with Pepper in June.