Lori's On Donner von Pepper

Registration ID: PL3001-1
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Nov. 15, 2021
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue
Sire: Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Lori" Lynn Von Mulan
Litter: Pepper X Lori 2021


Congratulations to Ben Davidowitz!

11-15-21: Male. tri silver gold sable (brown golds and yellow genes). Black muzzle with white on the chin and some on the throat. Longish tail, short to medium coat with black nose some pink at birth. tiny white tip of tail. dark pigments. heavy boned. slow to move. L/R w/toes. Conformation short/normal #9 Temperament #9

11-17-21: This is a typical AA. Easy going, mild mannered, thinking. Not so happy go lucky but may be overly happy if trained to be so. This is not a real excitable dog but any dog can be molded to be such. If i raised him, he would be a very well rounded pup as it is easy to keep this pup happy without all the confusion and excitement. This pup will LOVE kids. Guide him and teach him to be patient and to continue using his THINKING brain. Not a back yard guard dog! Could easily be a ptsd dog or emotional support dog. If he continues being within normal weight/height he will be a mellow dog in maturity with enough energy to walk about 1/4 mile and back? No further unless trained to do so. Large heavy dogs will die with over exercise. Not a ball chaser. Not a 'working' dog.

11-27-21: Easy going intelligent pup. Most intelligent in the litter. More AA than mastiff... Better than both parents. Easy to train and is a 'thinker'. This boy thinks so watch his brain work as he figures things out. He uses his nose as well as his entire being as an animal, to THINK about where he is and what is happening, who is holding him and if he needs to 'react' or 'fear' then he falls asleep in my bed with me or in my arms. A fantastic pup. ANOTHER SCHWARZ DOG !!! and a Dire Wolf. Expect him to reach 129/130 lbs just like the dire wolves were a million or so years ago. EXACT bone measurements.

From a 'breeders point of view, and in the Am Alsatian "Dire Wolf" look and quality for re breeding etc... He is a beginning of a line of great genes that have all come together within himself to reproduce quality dire wolves when bred to the proper females. He will throw himself and will give each of his offspring a push in the AA direction as dire wolves.. Because he does have the yellow/red genes, i am going to pass him up and it breaks my heart. If i could keep them all he would be kept but in Amey's lines she only needs one of this litter to start her dire wolves. God is great! Onward 'DONNER'....... your destiny is before you!

I place him in my arms and ask, what price for this little guys life and abilities to help another one of God's children? 4,200.00 (Four Thousand, Two Hundred dollars).

12-16-2021 This boy is HUGE! He will be 145 to 150 if he continues at the rate he is growing right now. He is an independent boy, though he wants to be with you all the time and loves to have pets and to give kisses, he will chase a leaf too if it looks fun! Not because he doesn't adore you, but because he is busy! He will be very easy for a new owner to work with, as he will want to please. He is what Lois calls an "anchor dog". He may initially have a harder time adjusting to new things, when he does, he will fall into step with family and schedule with adoration and love. This boy must NOT be pushed. No long walks/runs, NO DOG PARKS (this goes for all our puppies... they are our babies! They don't understand these strange dogs running toward them full force, crashing into them and just generally harassing them. Our dogs will run behind your legs and wonder why you are letting this large animal attack them! Protect these babies. They may look HUGE, but they are just babies) and no jogging until he grows into his size. He will think he can do all these things, "but Nemo... you just can't" (Sorry, the movie was great and it makes sense) he will tire out too easy and it will strain his growing joints if you put too much stress on him.

12-25-2021 Happy happy boy! His tail never stops! He lives for his people. Loves to be with everyone and lap therapy will be needed as long as he fits! This boy will do anything if you just show him love. He is going to be huge and because of this, you will want to be sure that he is obedient and respectful, so that he doesn't forget his size and push someone over on accident!

1-6-2022 This male is the 'lion king'. He is 'Boss'. He is girth, he is a stallion of a male and most folks can not handle him. He is bold and he thinks he knows things even at this age of 7 wks.. omgosh! What an amazing pup!!!

Donner will get about 160 lbs and like i said, he rules the roost at an early age. BUT as you can see in this video, it doesnt take much to change his mind. Once he understands who is the boss and that he doesnt rule the house, he will be the best Dire Wolf one has ever had. Not for a first time owner UNLESS you are willing to go the distance......... And you WILL need to fill out a contract stating such. He will be too large and powerful for an owner to not have complete obedience out of him. So NO, you may not have this dog if you do not understand this and can demand the pup learn the rules. Though he is bold, he is gentle. He only THINKS he is king at this age. Dogs can be molded but only if you understand what it takes to swing a dog into what he must be to live in a humans world. Donner is EVERYTHING i love in a male Dire Wolf. Yes he is a bit of a challenge, but not for a firm minded loving person that understands puppies. He weighs 30 lbs at 7 wks !!! He is a SOLID muscular dog and he is love............ (he just doesnt understand yet, is all).

12-7-2021 - 8.2 lbs

12-12-2021 - 9.8 lbs

12-25-2021 - 14.8 lbs

12-30-2021 - 17.8 lbs

1-6-2022 - 23.6 lbs

1/10/2022 - 24.8 lbs

Temperament Test Scoring 12/6/2021 at 3 weeks: 9.7

Temperament Test: 1/3/2022 6 weeks 9.5

Health Record

12/7/2021; 12/25/2021 1/6/2022 NemexII

1/6/2022 Duramune Max 5

1/11/2022 Duramune Max 5

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28 Days. Blue Collar Male.
28 days old. Blue Collar Male.
Blue Christmas Pup
Big Blue Christmas
Big Blue Christmas
Donner Blue Boy
Donner Blue Bou
6 weeks 2 days
Dec 30th 21


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