Q-Leanna's "Lori" Lynn Von Mulan

Lori with Lois
Registration ID: MQ20002-6
Breed: F2 Mastiff
Birth Date: Aug. 23, 2020
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Orange
Sire: Mulan
Dam: Saigons "Q-Leanna" Von Q
Litter: Mulan X Q-Leanna 2020



Lori is an amazing and beautiful soul of a dog! She has so much love to give and we will be looking for just the right home to place her in. This girl gives the best hugs and even when she is over the moon excited to see you, she will settle and just wait (though impatiently) for you to let her put her head on your shoulder and just love on you.
Lori will do well with anyone. First time dog owners are also ok. I will not do so well with first timers, if you don't put the time in to learn how to talk to dogs. She deserves your communication skills. Med long coat is easy to care for. Sheds once a year in April - May.

If you are an older couple, she will do wonderful. She is only hyper for 3 seconds as she bows, scoots in her excitement then comes into your legs for hugs. She is heavy in weight so you need to train her. She loves food so go easy on the treats. She might fetch for you (and treats) but i never taught her that. She lays down when you pat the floor and talk to her. She is not an OBEDIENCE champion, sheesh... She is a companion dog and fits the description to a T. If you are too soft, she will get over on you and will test you to see if you will 'follow through' with what you are saying to her. Do NOT ask her to do something more than twice. It is obnoxious and boring to her. She doesn't think she is a 'slave', she really thinks she is a part of the family members. She loves to be pampered and will stay laying down for ever if you are brushing or petting her. She needs to be with you and may sleep touching you so she doesn't lose you.

She will have a special relationship to everyone in the family. She is standoffish enough with strangers but if you introduce them and they ignore her, she will love them as soon as they sit down on the couch. She was TRAINED not to bother you if you are standing up, so SIT DOWN... (that's an order).

Lori will be available for re-homing when her puppies are 8 weeks old. She IS the best dog you will ever own. ~ Lois

Health Record


AUGUST 2021 CAME INTO SEASON bred with Pepper.

Oct 2021 had puppies

March 1, 2022 In heat

10/27/2022 Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L F7DB

Photo Gallery

Lori with Lois
Lori with Lois. Up for adoption after her first litter.
Lori the Doll
Lori the Doll


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Warleggen X Lori 2022

About the Litter (American Alsatian)


9/12/2022 Michael T

10/20/22 Soft pups. A soft pup is not bold, not outgoing. Matures later in age than our F4 AA's. Take it easy on them until they are 2! No jumping, rough housing, NO PARK!

All these pups are mastiff like and will be stubborn, chewers and a bit different than AA's as puppies (when they hit 1 this will change! More AA as they age).

When you tell them to do something, they will shut down. They don't like to do what you want ... too much brain work!

We are choosing these pups as double mastiff to balance out the AA (the current AA's) to bring that energy back down again. Energy and hyper is dominant!

This is why we bred the Mastiff last!

Birth Notes:

Wednesday: 9-14-2022

Female silver black sable (small goldish) tri black silver gold sable. 10:oo pm. White chest down tummy, under chin/neck and under chin. Very talkative. Darkest nose. butt first. determined and pushy. survival. cried continuously until she found the nipple. 1 hour?. Not to great on legs. falls over. not to bright @ birth but learns quick. Never forgets the little stuff. sm 2/tip, sm w/toes. No placenta. ...................................

Lori has been shedding for 2 wks now but the coat is still not dropping off yet. coming out as a bedding now. some of the coat is too matted to come out yet. Belly is pretty much out. I suspect youg pups pull and push it out as they suckle. scratch thin nails in the fur. which cleans each teat for easy finding for newborns. Lori is also a hard pushy dog. picks pups up in her mouth, pushes them hard. breaths her hot air on each pup. Pups learn all about their moms mouth and where it is in relationship to the body and where the teats are.

11:19 Male Butt first. 4 w socks. sm w/tip. w/chin. blk nose. heavy pup.

1140 Male black. w/chin w/arrow chest. head first?

1214 #4 pup large female. head first. black silver sable.

243 red collar blaz Male #5 pup. head first.

400 am Female small #6 pup. head first white blaze and face. feet, chest, nose. white collar pink. What a pup! The face- the head the determination, the fight, the take over of a teat. pushing the largest male off a teat at 2 min old. grabbing and holding on until he was satisfied. Mastiff anyone? But... white tip tail. head first. light leggins, up legs tan. a striking pup. If i had a lot of $ i would keep all these pups.

5pm #7 black long male. head first slow breathing. after 4 min of slowly breathing this pup just stopped breathing., passed away.

10pm long black big female. Came out not breathing.

July 20222 - Lori is in with Noodle! God works in his own ways. Lois had her out with Warleggen, as she shouldn't have been in heat until Sept... but she is tied ... so we will bring in Noodle and see what God's plans are.

2 confirmed ties with Warleggen, did not see any with Noodle.

8/25/2022 Lori looks to be pregnant, so we shall see if "surprise" there is a Noodle pup or two in there? I don't think so though guys and gals, so don't get your hopes up, BUT, be on the look out! These will be giants, they will ONLY go to experienced homes and they may have a bit of furnishings. Some will be Dark Cream Sable, some may even be Cream with Black ticking like the Ethereum pup in the Neera X Warleggen litter.

Lori's largest pup (and fastest grower to date in 35 years) was Donner from the Lori X Pepper litter at 27 lbs and 8 weeks. He was at 145 at 7 months... so you have been given advance notice!

L September 2023
Lori's "Laira" Von Warleggen

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Pink

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Lori's "Landon" Von Warleggen

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Green

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Lori's "Larsa" Von Warleggen

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Brown

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Loris Lenaia 12_18_22
Lori's "Lenaia' Von Warleggen

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Purple

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Pepper X Lori 2021

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

11/15/2021 They are on their way!!

11/9/2021 Lori is having the time of her life in the house, getting chicken, goodies and lots of love! She is due any day and we will be keeping the site up to date, as well as Lois's Facebook page (if you have not friended her, you can do so at https://www.facebook.com/schwarzkennels)

11-27-21: Ok, here is the update on the Lori x Pepper litter. BETTER THAN THE PARENTS is what we have here! As we figured, but as breeders we have to assume the worst and wait for the best. Again, we have DIRE WOLVES...............Since we kept 4 of Qleanna's pups to be absolutely sure we would have pups from all that i have done before this, we can sell all but one. But which one? Everyone but the white face pup has scored HIGH on our AmAlsatian charts and this is why it is so difficult for me to 'choose' which one stays. So how we go from this now is... Who do we NOT need..... This is now coming from a 'breeders' view, not as a pet owner or DireWolf owner as all pups will be direwolfish looking as i predicted when i kept the four out of Qleanna.
I am extremely clingy with these pups and i am not easily going to let them go. You are going to have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to get one away from me.. Ok... So, as a breeder we do NOT need a female.. (lucky you that want females !).. Those will be the first up for sale. As a long time breeder i shall keep ONE female up in price (just in case) as we do NOT want to not be able to bounce back if (God forbid) something should happen to any of these pups, so now i can put prices on the females. [This is how we do our choosing and pricing]. Go to each pups page and the for sale page for prices as they come down...At six weeks old we shall have our pick and all prices set... Thank you for loving my dogs <3
12-7-2021 All puppies and Lori were wormed with NemexII

1/6/2022 Please see the individual puppies pages for additional notes.

Prediction Litter: PEPPER X LORI

Why: This is a young female and Pepper is a seasoned male. Not a bad pairing as Lori is all girth. Lori is a Naga pup and Naga is 3 generations of dire wolf looking males. Dark brindling though lori is a light golden sable kind of a dog. pepper is not a 'mastiff' looking dog at all. He is a peppery color of agoiti like coloration and looks more like a wolf or german shepherd dog. I love his wolfish coat but it was short when a pup. Like the IW that he took after, his coat has been growing as he matures. Slow and steady this boy is looking more and more like a mastiff in girth/size. hmmm...

The following is a 'prediction' of what i think we shall get

Ears: All pups should have up ears.

Head: All pups should have a nice size head.

Eyes: All pups should have light colored eyes

Hieght: med/tall

Weight: 125-130

Feet: med

Tail: SHORT nice straight tails

Coats: I am hoping all coats are pepper coats with some harsh outer guard hairs

Conformation: should all be nice straight solid dogs

Color: some should be silver sables but most will be gold sables with dark skin and points

Temperament: Fantastic laid back pups getting only better with age. easy going, a bit standoffish but with age will be fine. not overly friendly going up to strangers wagging tails and jumping.. my pups wont do that.

Notes: I am eager to see what we get.

Lori's Black Ebenezer Scrooge Von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black

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Red Collar Lori Pup 2.jpg
Lori's Christmas Lilly Zuzu Felocity Von Pepper

Sex: Female
Collar Color: Red

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Lori's Neva White Snow Sparkles Von Pepper

Sex: Female
Collar Color: None

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Lori's Niko Silver Bells Von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Light Green

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Lori's On Donner von Pepper

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Blue

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Lori's Peace on Earth "Paix" Von Pepper *Founders Male Standing at Schwarz Kennels*

Sex: Male
Collar Color: Light Blue

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