Lori's Neva White Snow Sparkles Von Pepper

Registration ID: PL3001-3
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Nov. 15, 2021
Sex: Female
Sire: Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Lori" Lynn Von Mulan
Litter: Pepper X Lori 2021


CONGRATULATIONS BRADLEY!!! I can't wait to see this beautiful girl grow and to see the amazing pictures that I KNOW you will share!!!

11-15-21: Female. Malamute looking white face/muzzle. Quick to survive. Moving a lot, will need lap therapy. Family dog/camping short distance jogs, some hiking. Friendly.

11-27-21: Moving right along, this gal has gotten it all down to a science. She is opening her eyes and is now seeing some lights, shadows.. She is listening to sounds, and continues to 'feel' the room. They KNOW when mom comes into the closet. She is the first out of the den and the first to find mom. She doesn't like to be confused or unknowing. She wants to KNOW things so she is (or will be) primed to see the world. She would be the one to fall off the cliff as a young pup, so the new owners must be her 'saftey' as all young need to be shown how to live in this world and handle things. Food driven but not greatly, she will not like to be disciplined and will figure out how not to get in trouble if you are BLACK AND WHITE in her trainings. So first you must KNOW YOUR RULES otherwise she will not understand what you want, so ... figure out before you get her what a 130 lb dog will be ok in doing in your home. She thrives on redundancy or Routine so keep to a schedule. Read my book there is a great schedule on training your pup, week by week, day by day.. Then create your own schedule on a calendar and STICK TO IT.. you will benefit as she grows.

She is a happy dog and will love everyone. Teach her to down stay before anything else. Teach her to 'wait' to have patience...... the reward is coming, then reward her. You will get far in this type of training. We have placed her value at 3200.00 (Three Thousand Two Hundred dollars)

She will reach about 120-130 lbs. She will be able to go on short hikes if you do not over feed her as an adult. As a young pup, you must feed her well so she can grow all her internal organs and bones and muscles. Do not over exercise her as she is growing. Allow her plenty of 'sleep'.. As a young pup, she will think she is capable of more than she should do. You are in charge of her life, so do it right. She should live up to 12-13 years if feed properly.

12-7-2021 - 4lbs

12-12-2021 - 5.4lbs

12-25-2021 - 7.8 lbs

12-30-2021 - 9lbs

1-6-2022 - 12 lbs

1/10/2022 - 13.4 lbs

12-16-2021 This little girl still needs lap therapy. She wines and wants to know why she is being made to stay away from her mom, and why she can't be exploring. This girl will enjoy walks and hiking and learning all that you can show her. She is confident in what she knows, but you will need to ensure that she is (as Lois states above) safe in all things, as she will be curious and will leap before thinking! Smart as a whip, and wants to please, so train early!

12-23-2021 I'm truly impressed by this little girl. She is truly becoming one of the observers. She is thinking more as time moves on and rather than acting, she is watching. She is very eager to come when you raise your voice enticingly, and has become quite the cuddle bug. Can't wait to see this little girl grow up!

12/25/2021 This little girl will do well with someone with patience. She loves people and would love a family. Children? She needs guidance in new places and will stick with you and "boop (where they touch your hand or bop you on the body to tell you they want your attention) you hand" look at you to be sure that it is safe. Once she realizes that she is safe and you have "okay'd the area", she will begin relaxing and start to explore and play! Ears will go up on this girl and she will only get about 85-100 pounds, but she is smart as a whip!

1-3-2022 Highly intelligent girl. Absolute sweetheart.. Needs someone that will slow her down,, quite owner(s) preferably a single dog owner, older children.

This dog WILL outsmart you. Needs obedience training now. Easy to train. Search and rescue/agility dog. Hiking, some small jogging possibly. She needs to be taught to slow down and to know when it is time to slow down.

1-6-2022 This is a very sweet smallish Dire Wolf. She is independent but, doesnt know that she is velcro as of yet, because she is only 7 wks old and has not been socialized. This litter likes themselves and their mom. They are attached to each other, brothers and sisters, well of course they are.

Snow is a bundle of fun and smiles. She needs a loving tough hand that can guide her and be consistent in it so that she molds to the rules of the Owner. She is a lap dog but doesnt know it yet, like i said. She does like comfort, indoors, beds, pillows etc... She is a softy for the most part but right now she is fighting for her independence vs love of humans. Humans will win out as i said, she doesnt know how much love and cuddles a human can give her at this time. Know that her independence CAN break through if the owner doesnt demand her obedience in a loving but firm way. It will not take but one correction and if you have shown her what you want of her, she will do just that. She is not a dominant dog at all but like all canines, if she has a whimp of an owner, she WILL fill that spot. Consistancy, love, cuddles, chicken pieces and an everyday schedule will do it.

Temperament Test Scoring 12/6/2021 at 3 weeks: 9

Temperament score 1/3/2022

7 with high intelligence. Very active pup, smart as a whip.

Health Record

11-15-21 Date of Birth
12/7/2021; 12/25/2021 1/6/2022 NemexII

1/6/2022 Duramune Max 5

1/10/2022 Duramune Max 5

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