Lori's Black Ebenezer Scrooge Von Pepper

Registration ID: PL3001-5
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: Nov. 15, 2021
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Stella's "Pepper" Logan Von Winston
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Lori" Lynn Von Mulan
Litter: Pepper X Lori 2021


Congratulations Diane Timar! I can't wait to see pictures of this boy when he gets to you!

11-15-21: Male born 345 pm. Black dark pigments. Black silver sable reverse (dark leggins). white chin. Darkest male pup in litter. Black collar male. Head first. solitary. kingly. knightly... not a puppy. shortish coat, some curl so med/short. #10 in conformation. nice head. Next stud? Breeder? Temperament 10+ on first testing.

11-17-21: Prices vary until all test scores are in as we may decide to keep a pup. You may NOT choose a pup until a pup is 6 wks old. You may be 'interested' in any pup let us know.

11-27-21: This is the one we are looking at keeping, only for the 'genes' he will give to his young. We want stability in size, shape, looks and temperament and this is the only reason why we shall choose this pup (we think).. so far... We must have the dark reverse coloring for that direwolf look and those yellow eyes, so we shall choose this boy. He is the same as the rest of the GREAT NAGA grandkids.. and will be a proud producer of more NAGA lines giving us the dark coats we desire of our Direwolves. Ebenezer Scrooge is valued at 7,800.00 (Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars).

How do we price such a pup? The most i have sold a pup for is 7k. So, in order to keep this male, we price him at what we think that no one will buy him for. If by chance someone does buy him, then we grab our next genetic Direwolf look, red collar and up her price to 8,000.00 and keep the female instead of the male. We would like a male to replace NOODLE another Naga pup but ... Noodle is a black and tan and we have his sisters, so Noodle is now up for sale AFTER he breeds with one of our females. We are breeders and this is what we do. All our work and effort and love and devotion goes into this and we must keep clear and focused heads to continue the work. Thank you so very much for following my work and loving my dogs <3

12-7-2021 - 6.4lbs

12-12-2021 - 7lbs

12-30-2021 - 10.6lbs

1 - 6 - 2022 11 lbs

12-16-2021 Quiet, head on your chest, no care to leave, looks up and away at you. Very sensitive pup, doesn't want any trouble. Sits outside the group or at the back and waits for you to acknowledge him before he comes forward. Quietly waits for pets and doesn't mind waiting.

1-3-2022 This pup loves everyone. Easy to train, family dog, outgoing enough to go on family trips. Personalble, velcro, he will even babysit your kids and the neighbors kids. Super nice pup.

Very dark with yellow eyes, but he will have furnishings, so the price has gone down and we will not be keeping him. Ears will go up around 8 weeks old.

Breeders pick of the litter.

Temperament Test Scoring 12/6/2021 at 3 weeks: 9

Temperament Test Scoring 12/30/3031 at 6 weeks: 10+

Health Record

12/7/2021; 12/25/2021 1/6/2022 NemexII

1/6/2022 Duramune Max 5

1/10/2022 Duramune Max 5

Photo Gallery

1/10/2022 Ebenezer
Black Collar Lori Pup.jpg
21 days old
Loris Black Pup 1.jpg
21 days old
Loris Black Pup.jpg
21 days old
28 Days
Sweet boy
Dec 30th


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