Neera's Ethereum Von Warleggen

Registration ID: WN3002- 10
Breed: American Alsatian
Birth Date: July 9, 2022
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Yellow
Sire: Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin
Dam: Anastasia's Nano Von Naga "Neera"
Litter: Warleggen X Neera 2022


8/29/2022 Great people pleaser and bold! Nothing bothers this gal as she grows. She knows what she wants and gets it! This puppy will do well with a more active family. She is active enough to take walks and go on light hikes as she gets older and will enjoy watching football games and going places with the family. At the same time, she loves to just lay down and chew on her bones and enjoy the day.

8/25/2022 She has become the "quiet pup that isn't noticed". No muss, no fuss. She would enjoy being with you, but it doesn't bother her at all if you are busy. She can find things to do to occupy her time. She is my kind of dog. I am busy and have things to do, but when I'm ready, she is GREAT at cuddling and would love to be by your side. She would even love to go for a semi-short walk with you around the property, see the sights and then go home and sleep! Not big on lots of commotion, though it doesn't bother her, she just won't be the first to the "what's going on" round up!

8/9/2022 Very friendly female. Loves everyone and wants to be in your lap, around you and in your business. Velcro to her family once she gets settled in and highly attentive and intelligent. This gal will do well when trained in obedience and will pick up commands VERY quickly. Repetition will be key and early, so that she doesn't try to get ahead of you, guessing what you might want, and then do the wrong thing. She is a pleaser and wants to make you happy!

This pup would NOT be a good fit for a new owner, or large family with kids whose parents don't know how to do lap therapy. This gal will need to be shown her speed. That speed is NOT what she wants, she is going to be too big for that, this pup needs YOU to slow her down for the first 4 months while she grows. You must show her how to act around people and things in life. Her speed is NOT the right speed. She will be easy to train, but you must know what you want out of her and have the softness to get it out of her, yet the dedication to be consistent with her early. :)

Medium length coat, hardly any wave to it, harsher on the mane and back end than everywhere else, but soft underneath.

7/26/2022 This little girl is a hoot! She ate for the first time yesterday and not only does she LOVE her food, she likes it so much she will boldly while licking her leg, growl at the leg for taking said food! 🤣 Takes after her dad's Mastiff side when eating and has a good appetite.

Busy mind, but not too busy. Keeps to herself and thinks quietly away from her brothers and sisters. Independent just a bit.

930pm female Light silver sable 4 white socks white tip tail. (yellow)

Temperament Scores: Read this page!

Birth - 8.9
2 Weeks - 9.7
6 Weeks - 9.5

Health Record


Nemex II
8/10/2022, 10/23/2022
8/28 - 9/3/2022 for Giardia and Worms

Cocci 9/3/22 - 9/6/2022

Duramune Max 5

8/22/2022, 9/5/2022, 10/10/2022


7/12/2022 .82 lbs
7/19/2022 1.7 lbs
7/28/2022 2.75 lbs
8/10/2022 5.6 lbs
8/22/2022 9 lbs
8/29/2022 13 lbs
8/29/2022 15.4 lbs
9/18/2022 19.2 lbs
10/23/2022 34 lbs

Photo Gallery

Ethereum Very Tired
Ethereum 8/16/32
Ethereum 8/16/2022


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