Diva's "Silver Bells" Von Nappin (Bella)

Registration ID: ND4001-4
Breed: F4 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Dec. 25, 2023
Sex: Female
Sire: Napkin's Just "Nappin'" Von Warleggen
Dam: Leloo's Diva Plavalaguna "Diva" Von Ironheart
Litter: Nappin' X Diva 2023


4/11/24 We are keeping Silver Bells as was the initial plan. She is a very quick learner, very soft and genetically will improve the breed in terms of laid-back personality. We are excited to see how large she gets.

4/2/24 This little girl is super sweet. She likes to talk and tell you that she doesn't think that you should get very far away from her, and she is much better Suited as a velcro dog to a family or someone looking for a gentle, soft companion. She can be energetic as she is a girl, but she doesn't want to go too far from your side. She is highly intelligent, likes to search for things, never getting too far out of your sight, and it doesn't take much to redirect her and remind her how to be an appropriate citizen. Beautiful little girl with her ears coming up and yellow eyes.

3/6/24 Forward girl. She doesn't need you to search new things that she is interested in, but she also doesn't like to be too far away from you.ith her. She is friendly, smart as a whip and very devoted to her people. She will look a LOT like her mother Diva, yet a bit more friendly.

She does great with cats, other dogs and loves kids and adults alike!

2/6/24 Forward girl. She doesn't need you to search new things taht she is interested in, but she also doesn't like to be too far away from you.

Not food motivated, praise motivated. This girl is not as soft, she will have higher intelligence like a GS, but will also look for you approval per our standards. When we look forward to her puppies, we will look for a male that is reserved and larger boned. She will throw her double Mastiff genes, but she will not look as large as her offspring.

1/28/24 This girl is a thinker. She is too forward, she will do well on hikes, longer walks, and she enjoys and will enjoy just playing with you or spending time with you. More energy than the average aa, but very intelligent. She is a watcher, she pays attention to her people and see is that they are okay. Velcro.

1/8/24 Busy girl today. Growing and hungry. Real food starts soon!! Quiet girl still, determined and will be more active. This girl can go for hikes, she will look to please, and will be velcro to her family. Obedience early with recall will do her well, as she can be distracted.

1/7/24 As of today, she will be kept for her color and temperament. Bred once to gain better coloring and larger size and then she will be looking for her forever home.

Temperament score: 10

12/30/23 She has found her way in the pack. Quiet unless she finds herself alone. Velcro.
12/31/23 This girl passed her 3 day temperament test with flying colors. Only grumbles a tiny bit when alone, but she finds herself back to her brothers and sisters quickly.
No nonsense pup. Mastiff in mind where she will think before doing as you ask, but her Napkin/Noodle side of her pedigree will bring out the will and want to do for her person. She will lighten on her sides/flanks, but will have a long black thick mane down her back. Sable will lighten as she ages, but she should stay dark.

12/25/23 7:18 pm smaller female. Nice tail, head too narrow right now... a nice size girl, but vocal as well. Likes to let people know where she is.

Health Record


12/25/23 1.1 lbs
12/30/23 1.4 lbs
1/7/24 2.4 lbs
1/20/24 5.12 lbs
1/28/24 7.05 lbs
2/6/2024 10 lbs

1/22/24; 2/6/24, 3/9/2024 Nemex II


Duramune Max 5 -

2/6/24, 2/20/24, 4/3/2

Photo Gallery

Can we say yellow eyes?!


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