Leloo's Diva Plavalaguna "Laguna" Von Stan Lee

Registration ID: LS3003-1
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Jan. 22, 2023
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Pink
Sire: Darla's "Ironheart" Von Tudor
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan
Litter: Ironheart X Leloo 2023


7/12/23 Diva will be looking for her permanent home. Through no fault of her own we have made this decision because we have her brother and her sister already. Diva is one of the pups here that would truly enjoy an inside home with a family that is active and enjoy it a dog's companionship and love. We will of course as always be looking for the perfect home for her and if you are interested, please contact me and we can discuss further.

5/2/23 Diva as we now call her, is MUCH better while on her own at this age. She is reserved like her mother, but is forward in that she is willing to do things that a more reserved pup typically wouldn't do. She is trusting that you will lead her where she needs to be, and loves to please. Velcro.

3/15/23 Laguna is a pup that likes to feel safe. She is the bottom of the pack with her siblings, even though she is the happiest pup. She rushes into things without thinking and realizes the world is bigger than expected at this age!

When she came in today, we limited her space to the living room, which is quite big and when she strayed too far, we made sure to bring her back and reinforce that she did good and build her confidence.

3she had her first time in the crate, her first duck jerky for being a good quiet girl in the crate and took a nap there. She will come in daily for crate time moving forward.

3-9-2023 Very nice pup. Forward, happy and loves people and everything around her. She is solid, smart, will be dark silver with dark guard hairs and yellow eyes as well as up ears. She is being placed up for adoption PURELY because she is too forward. This girl will be great to go on camping trips, will love people, cats, chickens, etc. She does have a tad bit of "puppy prey drive" at this point. (Many puppies will run/play with things that run and hop/play) Her prey drive is puppy based though, and she will listen when taught that chasing fast things isn't acceptable. She loves her people and I can't wait to see where this gal ends up.

2-20-2023 Happy pup, inquisitive and enjoys seeing new things but not too far from her people! Loves her people and wants to stay close. Loves cuddles, quiet and doesn't mind going where you go without asking.

2-15-2023 Smaller than her brother, but more silver and reverse black than him, this gal is more forward. She still would prefer to find her own way and watch what goes on around her, she doesn't mind being touched, picked up and lap therapy is an enjoyable process for her. She doesn't mind you touching her head, tipping her over and though sometimes she gets too excited by the smell of her food that she can't quite find her way straight to the bowl (she will get this in time and it just shows that she will be more food motivated than her brother), she loves to watch the world around her. She is inquisitive from afar.

2-6-2023 Quiet, thinker. Watches, doesn't find a need to get upset.

1-31-2023: Have not picked her up or messed around with her as of yet. She is a quiet pup already moving with the pack. Knows where her favorite teat is. Was kind of stubborn at birth as i tried to put her on a teat and she refused to go with the flow. She doesn't move much. Eats and sleeps. Score: 10

Birth: Born at 8:29 in the morning at 1 lb 3 1 oz. Mom has no milk, she took two bottle feeding perfectly, moved to Lucy's litter. First born and slow to the teat. Head first. Looks to be a reverse so we will keep her.

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Emily Thorne

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Nemex II:

2/6/2023, 2/20/23


Duramune Max 5 3/6/2023, 3/21/2023, 4/7/2023


1/22/23 1.31 lbs

2/1/23 3.96 lbs

2/6/23 5.17 lbs

2/13/23 6.12 lbs

2/20/23 8.8 lbs

3/9/2023 19.4 lbs

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Yellow eyes
Laguna 4
First nap in the crate
Leloo's Laguna
Laguna February 13
Korben and Laguna 2/13/23
Laguna 2/13/2023
Korben and Laguna 2/13/2023
Laguna Feb 13


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