Linguini's "Damon" Von Nappin

For Sale: $3800.00

Registration ID: NL4002-2
Breed: F4 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Jan. 29, 2024
Sex: Male
Sire: Napkin's Just "Nappin'" Von Warleggen
Dam: Alpine's "Linguini" Von Noodle AKA Pandora
Litter: Nappin' X Linguini 2024


All notes are subjective! Every puppy goes through a different stage depending on when they are born. When their eyes open, they become more head shy, when they hit 3 to 4 weeks, they go through a bold or a shy or reserved stage, they will grow out of this! It is purely my notations that are being written down.!

4/7/24 Looking for his family. Sweet, happy, fun loving boy with the desire to please. He is velcro and loves his people.

3/29/24 A silly, sweet, large boy. Very fabio like, beautiful and soft. He wants to please but he is just so happy! Lol this boy will do well in all situations but needs and experoenced owner that knows to start the puppy early. This boy will turn heads and need a groomer! Lol

3/4/24 Attentive lover puppy! Great family pup, BUT you MUST make him be calm for brushing/combing etc. You cannot rile this pup up! He is already forward and friendly! (Mom says he should be named Steve Martin! Lol) teach him come and obedience early! He is a pleaser! He will be BIG! This boy will be the neighborhood dog! Everyone will want to see him and he will love it. Remind him how big he is! He won't know!

Temperament 8.8 (whines a bit)

2/25/24 Atlas is a sweet boy. Curious, interested in what is going on around him and thoughtful. He takes after his Mastiff father side a bit. He is stubborn in thinking and though he looks for you for assurance, he will test his surroundings and his people. He will do great with families, other animals, kids, etc, but may need to be neutered early if his owners lose the battle with his teenage push to do as he pleases. (He will listen well, but will question whether you really mean what you say sometimes!)

Obedience early and get a good recall. He is a lover, soft and kind and wants to please overall.

Temperament 8.7

Confirmation 9

2/3/24 Silver/tan tipping
cheek coloring, leggings, no white, black and tan maybe? Body longer, face longer tail longer. Big feet 2nd larger.
Temperament 8 Comfirmation 9

Health Record


3/4/24; 3/29/24 Nemex II


3/10/24 Duramune Max 5

3/23/2024 Duramune Max 5


Birth 1 lb 11 ounces

2/3/24 1lb 15 ounces

2/8/24 4lb 5.5 ounces

2/16/24 7 lbs 2 ounces

2/25/24 10 lbs

3/4/24 12 lbs

3/13/24 14.6 lbs

3/29/24 21 lbs

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