Onyx X Lucinda 2023

Estimated Birth Date: March 15, 2023

Litter is Unconfirmed

About the Litter (American Alsatian)

1/18/2022 Rick Anderson - Female
2/2/2022 Mindy Burford

Lucy came into heat in July. She did not hold her heat as expected, might have been false. We will try again when she comes back in heat. :) She is a very happy, healthy and loving dog and we love our hugging sessions together!

Lucy X Onyx :




PRICE: Should range between 4200 and 8000

COLOR: Dark black Silver sables, and possible cream that will lighten like their mother in a few months time.. Black faces/masks with YELLOW eyes.


Sela's Okra Von Naga "Onyx" Ashley's "Naga" von Buck Bellatrix's Uncle Buck Von Fremont
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss
Trixy's Sela Red Dog Von Capone The Boss's 'Capone' Von Vegas
Belatrix Lastrange Von Merlin
Q-Leanna's "Lucinda" Von Mulan "Lucy" Mulan Vallecito's Top Secret
Bellatrix's Bambi Von Fremont
Q-Leanna Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn