Lucy's "Admiral Lee" Von Stan Lee

Registration ID: LS3002-2
Breed: F3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Jan. 15, 2023
Sex: Male
Collar Color: Black
Sire: Neera's "Stan Lee" Von Tudor
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Lucinda" Von Mulan "Lucy"
Litter: Stan Lee X Lucinda 2023


4/27/2023 This boy is very smart. Will talk back to you if you tease him. He wants to get your attention and wants to be with his "people". VELCRO. He came inside to be in a crate and learned immediately that the crate is where you are quiet. Easy to leash/walk, because he wants to be with you! Very soft. You don't have to raise your voice much at all to tell this boy that you are disappointment in something he might be doing. More crate training soon! Could make a very nice service dog. Training can not be intense and can NOT be as one would train a shepherd. He is NOT a GSD. He is too easy. You can talk to him and he will listen. You can show him what you want and he WILL figure it out. You will be astonished. Not just a puppy, but a SCHWARZ pup...

3/15/2023 Admiral has a small amount of cheek facial hairs.

He is a very happy puppy. He loves everyone. He loves attention. he is a heavy, solid pup which loves lap therapy and hugs. He will be a great family dog. Easy to train as he is sensitive in his emotions and in tune with the world around him.

3/9/2023 (I do believe this boy's ears will go up)

Admiral is such an inquisitive pup! Very interested in learning what everything is. Very intelligent but also independent, and learning quickly how to stick around while getting into new things! He started his puppy training.

2/24/23 At almost 6 weeks, this boy is learning what new things are, and though he likes to think he is big, he is such a sensitive, soft boy. His excitement is more than he can handle and you must show him how to calm down and think. He wanders to search out new things, but does not like to be alone! He is a velcro dog and will not leave your side. This boy is so soft right now, as a pup... At this time he will need you to show him that life is huge, but with you by his side, he can conquer it.

Very sensitive boy. He is very easy to redirect and very smart. Just wants to please his human. Velcro, but will like his time alone to rest while watching you. He will be great for a first timer.

2-17-2023 Not quite 5 weeks old, they met their first chickens today. He was very interested in what they were and what they were doing. He was in his kennel and they were eating and scratching outside the door. He watched them for almost one minute before coming to me to tell me what he saw. Very smart boy. His yellow eyes are developing more each day, and his silver DIRE WOLF ticking on his guard hairs are getting darker by the day. What a beautiful silver cream sable boy! Solid kibbles are being left in their kennel now, but they are still on semi soft meats and have gotten their first raw chicken legs today!

2-8-2023 Admiral and his brother started being offered solid food (canned dog food with water) for the first time. This boy loves his food. No distractions toward the smell and came right to the plate. Moves with purpose and always wanting to be a part of your world. Very bold and sweet boy. He is a thinker in new situations and though he may move forward and go toward things he doesn't know, he stops and accesses the situation most times. Loves lap therapy and watches you as you talk to him.

2-6-2023 Vocal pup. Likes to tell everyone where he is and how he feels. Strong boy, no fear going into any situation.

Now that his ears are fully open, noises and sights that are new intrigue him. Not afraid of anything.

1-31-2023: Eyes opened a couple of days ago. Being still and quiet, I have picked this boy up and he is curious. He smells me and listens but does nothing. I am not a threat. I hold him in a towel so he feels safe. I brought him to the recliner and sat with him for about 5 minutes while he went right back to sleep. He is inquisitive but not threatened with familiar sounds and people. He flew through the air without much care and allowed me to bother him with my finger on his face. All the pups have the territory of north south east and west all marked in their brains and where they should be which is the center of the underneath table. Some pups will roam to the wall, but most regroup in the center, even before the eyes open. When this pup gets lost and is all alone, he does cry out as he has learned that his moms nose will soon be there. Those times when his mom is outside, he scoots around until he hears, smells or feels vibrations and then moves in that direction. His brain is a sponge. He is the largest of the two. His head is masculine and girthy between the ears. Sleeps a lot and makes no noise. At this age = 10 score

Birth notes: Butt first. Strong large pup. Laid back temperament. A bit pushy for survival and food. Eats and then goes off to sleep. Independent at this age.

Health Record

Nemex II 2/6/2023

Albon 4/19/23 - 4/21/23

Safeguard 4/19/23 - 4/22/23


Duramune Max 5 2/19/2023, 3/6/2023, 4/7/2023


1/23/23 3.21 lbs

2/1/23 5.87 lbs

2/6/23 7 lbs

2/13/23 9.6 lbs

2/24/23 15.6 lbs

3/9/2023 24.2 lbs

4/18/2023 42 lbs

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Admiral Lee
Lucy's Admiral 3
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Lucy's Admiral 1
Lucy's Admiral
Admiral Lee
2/13/ 23


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