Warleggen X Lori 2022

Birth Date: Sept. 14, 2022

About the Litter (American Alsatian)


12-30-2021 Shayla Mccaul (Jones)
5-21-2022 Sarah Hixson

Lori is in with Noodle! God works in his own ways. Lois had her out with Warleggen, as she shouldn't have been in heat until Sept... but she is tied ... so we will bring in Noodle and see what God's plans are.

2 confirmed ties with Warleggen, did not see any with Noodle.

8/25/2022 Lori looks to be pregnant, so we shall see if "surprise" there is a Noodle pup or two in there? I don't think so though guys and gals, so don't get your hopes up, BUT, be on the look out! These will be giants, they will ONLY go to experienced homes and they may have a bit of furnishings. Some will be Dark Cream Sable, some may even be Cream with Black ticking like the Ethereum pup in the Neera X Warleggen litter.

Lori's largest pup (and fastest grower to date in 35 years) was Donner from the Lori X Pepper litter at 27 lbs and 8 weeks. He was at 145 at 7 months... so you have been given advance notice!


Ashley's "Warleggen" Von Quentin *Founders Male Standing at Schwarz Kennels* Quentin Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn
Dorians Ashdown Forest "Ashley" von Boss Boss Big Daddy
Shenanigan's Dorian Von Boss
Q-Leanna's "Lori" Lynn Von Mulan *Founders Female Standing at Schwarz Kennels* Mulan Vallecito's Top Secret
Bellatrix's Bambi Von Fremont
Q-Leanna Mr Q Ball
Swan's Saigon Von Finn