Leloo's Silver Banshee von Ironheart

For Sale: $12000.00

Registration ID: I/LE3001-6
Breed: F-3 American Alsatian
Birth Date: Sept. 3, 2022
Sex: Female
Collar Color: Pink
Sire: Ironheart
Dam: Q-Leanna's "Leloo" Von Mulan
Litter: Ironheart X Leloo 2022


9/30/2022 Beautiful, dark pup, a bit small, but dire wolf coloring and solid bones/structure. Calm, thinking demeanor. Not bothered by much at this moment.

9/18/2022 No nonsense female. Gets in, gets her tummy full and goes back to her siblings to sleep. She doesn't mind being picked up or moved around and falls asleep just about anywhere.

9/14/2022 Dark, quiet pup with a determined sense of self. Focused on what she wants and willing to get it when she wants it.

Keeping an eye on this pup for now. Might keep?

9/3/2022 Black with white socks. Pink lips and tiger striping (this will disappear under the coat). Ninja (dark pup) Large female.

Health Record


9/9/2022 1.27 lbs

9/12/2022 1.88 lbs

9/18/2022 2.75 lbs

9/30/2022 5.56 lbs

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